February 4, 2023

29 thoughts on “How ZMA Changed My Life | Natural Testosterone Booster Supplement Review In Hindi

  1. Take ashwagandha and gokhshura from Himalaya for the same results. It will cost half the price. Ashwagandha rejuvenates mind and body thus resulting in better sleep and gokhshura boosts teste levels.

  2. I dont know if this guy is 100% natural I can't really say no his not or yes he is but 1 thing I notice is the whole world thinks actors are natural both east and west .You should see their comments how stupid and dumb they behave sucking up with compliments.99% of them are the legal steroid junkies for sure.

  3. Sab bolte hai app chutiya ho, lekin app ki video dhak ke mujhe lagte hai sab jhot bolte hai, app to maha-chutiya ho.

  4. Jis ma ne tujhe peda kiya na oh bhi saram karti hongi ki mene kaysa jhuta ladka peda kiya krke ek din aayga beta jab terko log bich road pe marege

  5. Bahut dino baad socha iske channel pe visit kar leta hu…but aaj v ye vahi chutiya hai jaisa pahle tha

  6. chutiya Bana Raha hai rupaye Bana Raha hai ad se . 4,5 lakh leke ad le paise Bana Raha hai pagal mat bano Panghal Bhai Ko dekho

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