May 20, 2022

how to printer share between windows XP, vista and 7.

this is a video showing you how to printer share between windows 7 and windows XP.
please note that in the video a said that there are no other videos on this but since filming this video I think one has popped up, but I dont think it shows how to printer share with 7 and XP, just 7.
Also note that this also applies to windows vista as well its the same as XP so just follow the XP guide for people running vista, I would have shown you how to do it in vista but I dont have vista installed on any machine in my house any more.

Also the error message you get in windows XP, the one I said was really common, only happens on some computer. It really depends on your hardware and network set up ex. (also the . That I put after computer name doesnt make a difference I tried without and still got the same error), its far easier just to browse for it.

Just in case youre interested, saves leaving a comment Ill tell you now, the version of XP Im using is XP 64 bit edition, and the version of windows 7 Im using is windows 7 ultimate, (yeah I know ££££ but its good, and touch wood iv had no problems yet, unlike vista after only 4 hours I was sick of seeing blue).

I hope you enjoyed the and thank you for watching.


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48 thoughts on “how to printer share between windows XP, vista and 7.

  1. I am looking for a video on how to connect an XP laptop to a printer connected to a Windows 10 machine, in fact my windows 10 laptop will not connect to this printer either

  2. Ok James, I was able to get my server name and printer name to come up in the Browse for Printer box, but when I enter the user name and password, I get a message about "The Credentials Supplied Conflict with an Existing Set of Credentials, do you really want to change the existing credentials?" If I say "Yes" it just kicks me out, if I say "No" it also kicks me out. So what now???

  3. Sorry James, but forgot to mention that I`m running Windows 10 where the printer is connected to. I`m trying to share the printer with my other PC running Windows XP.

  4. Yes, I tried to follow your video on adding a shared printer, but didn`t get very far. When I got on my XP PC, I was able to browse for the shared printers and found my Workgroup name which I chose, but then it didn`t have my shared printer underneath. So I couldn`t go any further. What happened? Can you help?

  5. Thank you for showing me how to do this. I'm setting up a computer lab for my church and wanted to make sure I knew how to do it quickly before the network cards arrived. One computer is XP and the other is Windows 7 or Vista. This will make sharing a single printer a breeze. 🙂

  6. Hello James,
     I need to know how to set up, from the start, 1 printer to 2 computers. Both are running XP. Now, neither of them have wireless cards in them! THey are both desktop computers.
    So, how do I set it all up and have my one printer running on 2 computers? I would really appreciate your help!! Thanks……….
    Iron Horse Cowboy in Covington, VA.

  7. hi!!!!
    how can i share printer in virtual xp mode.
    Def i'm using win 7.
    Is it possible to share printer in same pc from win 7 to virtual xp mode
    can u plz explain

  8. hi buddy i didn't share printer between windwos xp sp3 and sp2. in the sp3 i share the printer but in the sp2 i go to the  browse for printers option any printer is shown there what can i do

  9. Sir Please tell one by one steep about Local Area Networking in XP and Windows 7.Configuration with Router.

  10. Go straight to 7:14 and like my comment :P. @viperfrank maybe, one day you will figure out the reverse situation: the printer is attached to Win7 machine and you want to print from a XP machine. Upload a video here if you can  make it

  11. i got it working, but when i restart the computer that runs windows vista, it does not print until i go to network and double click on the computer that the printer connect to, and log in with his user and password. why is that?

  12. Thank you very much for such a useful video.
    I have now become a sophisticated "all over the house" laptop user who commands my printer in the other room just like the "apprentice wizard" with the bromms in Fantasia. heheheh

  13. BTW, I never saw the hand under the printer on my main computer which indicated "sharing" was activated. That confused me at first, but continued on to XP computer just in case it was nevertheless correct. Thanks for the video.

  14. HOLY COW!!!!!!…I DID IT!!!…..Your video was ever so slightly different when some of the windows popped up, but I was able to figure it out. You saved me tons of time and lots of money on geeks coming to the house!…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  15. What if the computer that has the printer "attached" to it (it's a wireless connection) is Windows 7? You only showed a Windows XP as the owner of the printer. How do I set up the Windows 7 to share its printer?

  16. So I am having a problem with the driver part I can't get a driver to work or have a driver or something. any quick fix that takes care of this?

  17. by doing this printer sharing feature, does that mean that the original computer always has to stay on in order for other computers to print on that original computer's shared printer?

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