January 27, 2023

25 thoughts on “How To Play Dota 1 Lod or Warcraft III Online Garena Lan and RankedGaming RGC 2017

  1. Понимаешь, кроме стран Снг у меня не отображается ни 1 хостбот, как и в странах восточной Азии

  2. How to play on rgc? Greeting from Indonesia,now im play on iccup but icant communicate with russian player,i hope i can find Asian server,and hope you Will help me thank you

  3. I live in Korea is there a way to use garena lan here in Korea ? I try all the fake Ip apps but not seems like helping. I'm playing war3 different map not just DotA thanks

  4. Um bro im very confused my warcraft is version 1.26 and i click battle net it says error but my connection is exellent why? Help me pls broo

  5. the ranked gaming when i start the game the computer just freeze cant click anything at all alwayshappen and always have to restart my pc plzz help bro

  6. I follow all the steps, I can open it and by Lan says until my girlfriend is ON, but we do not find any room, nor when we create, help please

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