January 26, 2022

34 thoughts on “How to Open up an Xbox One Controller

  1. GOD DAMIT I only needed to pop it just a bit because my LT what is making a really loud popping sound every time I used it so basically I just wasted my time

  2. I couldn't turn right I was never invited to party and my friends abandoned me , after watching this video I have found love and now my right anole stick works thanks

  3. Thanks mate, great video. Wondering if I can ask your advice on something. I have a gorgeous Atari 2600 unit which I want to make into a master controller for all of my consoles. Just have that by my TV and all of my cosoles out of sight via a long HDMI, to a spliter in a well ventulated cabinet

    My initially idea is to have the Atari switchs function as power on switches for my Xbox1, PS4 pro, Original Xbox, I am running a PS3 through the XBOX1 and a PC Emulator, so thats 4 swithces used up, one more for a HDMI splitter channel changer and the last one for perhaps a futute console additon like the Switch.

    At this early stage I am thinking the easiest way would be to just, hack a old controller and used the Power LED button off the controller and somehow postion that under the exsiting button, so that when you move it down it compresses the buttone beneath. I have yet to think of the other consoles yet. Wondering if you might have any ideas

  4. It’s obvious that people’s money was the only thing Microsoft had in mind when designing their controllers to be like Fort Knox.

  5. They sell a kit so you can take those controller covers off can take the controller apart a little more professionally without damage of any kind which i thought was pretty cool and nifty especially with these elite controllers

  6. Fuck that dude I got to the point where I had to take the bumpers off and they wouldn't come off do I just ripped it off and I looked and there was no way of taking them off and being able to put it back

  7. Guys no joke there is a legit way if yours isn’t working because of the dust inside. Take battery lid off, then take batteries out. Blow through hole to which bumper is broken. Yay hopefully it has worked! If this doesn’t work maybe you have a different problem with your conteoller

  8. I came here to fix my controller, but it was working fine. Turns out, its the gaming industry as a whole that's broken.

  9. 2:16 –2:33 –3:19 –6:55 –8:14 –9:18 –11:19 –12:15 –12:39 –14:06 –14:40.
    These Are the times in which you clicked your tongue like a woman would.

  10. Thanks bro I had to take apart an old Xbox controller to get those analog thingys so I could put them in my ps4 controller so my analog wouldn’t drift… works like a charm 😉

  11. Anybody still looking to do this, do yourself a favor. Run to Walmart and pick up a cellphone repair kit for 8 dollars. It has the security torx you need and won't strip your bolts out. Use the right tool for the job.

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