February 4, 2023

35 thoughts on “How to Install Adobe Creative Cloud on Ubuntu/Linux

  1. cracked versions of Animate run on Linux? Illustrator? (and plugins/drivers for my graphtec plotter?) i know for sure my games would work, but I mostly use these adobe programs.. and for sure I know MC Bedrock would work with a bit of tinkering (equivalent of Win10 Edition). i need less reasons to boot into Win10 for 2020… I just.. have to get away from Win10. don't get me wrong, it works great. a little too good. it's just boring being on there. i have too much free time 😛

  2. The script used for installation does NOT work since November 2018 as you can confirm in the developer repository.
    "*This script currently does not work, see [issue #52]*

    and no updates since that date.

  3. for people who are facing the issue of "where is the button of browse" : Expand the window of PlayOnLinux.
    I know it's a stupid problem.

  4. Worth pointing out for those that don’t know. Running unsigned code is a bad idea if you don’t know what you are doing. Not saying anything is malicious here, but you got to check your sources.

  5. Creative Cloud for PlayOnLinux

    "This script currently does not work, see issue #52 for more details."

    please delete video as this demo is no longer valid

  6. how do you get the Adobe folder on the left side screen? I got through downloading and the zip. but I still need that "Adobe" folder because the unzipped files don't give me anything useful. After I do the download. What are the next steps?

  7. https://www.gofundme.com/photoshop-amp-premier-pro-like-development-for-linux&rcid=r01-154512726886-e2e8196e020b48ff&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w

  8. 18.04 LTS Sürümünde Creative Cloud update işlemi sırasında hata veriyor bu sürüm için güncel mi yoksa eski sürümlerde mi kullanmak lazım ?

  9. Unfortuneately I dont get the same results. All installs ok, but when you get to the Cloud window, it just hangs on "Loading Applications" and the list never generates. Sometimes it prompts that its taking time but normally it just loops there. Huge shame that its 2018 and still not native support for Adobe products on linux!

  10. GIMP is heaps better than that hot mess. I’d wait for Adobe to port it properly. I want Adobe Premiere and InDesign anywho

  11. How stable is play on Linux? Would I have to enable VT-Z and VT-D on my motherboard (BIOS) to be able to install play on linux? Could I run mac apps in this?

  12. Do not set up please help me
    program error
    The program creativeCloudSet-Up.exe has encountered a serious problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenice.

  13. This looks promising! Do you think one could use this to install CS6 Photoshop/Illustrator and perhaps possibly InDesign? I did not upgrade to a subscription plan, but I do have a CS6 license – it would be nice to use that on Ubuntu…

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