March 24, 2023

How to create and manage budgets with Money Lover | #1 Budget Planner App on Android

➭ Tutorial video | How to create a budget plan #Android device | Money Lover app
Money Lover is the best expense tracker & budget planner app on mobile

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Lates update Money Lover features

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❤️Money Lover is Money Manager app which helps you understand your spending habits. It simply track your money, budget, saving plan. With this friendly & handy Money management application, you can start to keep track of your spending, plan the budget to save your money up. Get Money Lover to stay with your money.

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7 thoughts on “How to create and manage budgets with Money Lover | #1 Budget Planner App on Android

  1. Hey. Love this App and planning on buying premium soon. But I'm kinda confused about the "Repeat this budget" function. I'm not sure what's happening but for some reason, when I set budgets for "This month" and tick the "Repeat this budget" checkbox to automatically renew for next month, it doesn't. It shows in "Finished " but won't show in "Running". Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. It is not easy to use this app. I have been trying for a while but I cannot understand it. I am premium susbcriber.

  3. Why is there no option to have a budget for all of the wallets like the savings?
    I want to have a budget that takes into account my spending in credit and in cash at the same time. I guess I could make just one wallet, but I do like the separation.

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