February 4, 2023

How to crack windows 10 pro (In Hindi) [2019]✅

Download toolkit link here :-

Disclaimer: Please buy Windows 10 on it`s official website. This is only for Educational purpose.

Temporary disable your anti-virus protection and then execute the setup. Some anti-virus will never allow MS Toolkit to modify system registry and activate any Microsoft product!

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Subtitile :-

Hello friends,
Well-come to our channel,
Web Tutorial Guru,
Today, i’m gonna tell you,
How can you crack windows 10 pro,
As you can see,
There is an watermark of ACTIVATE WINDOWS,
Which symbolizes that,
I’m using a trial version of windows 10 pro,
If we go to personalize setting in windows 10 pro,
Then also we get some red colored message to activate the windows,
It means that we are using an unlicensed window,
That’s why,
you need to use this software,
Which is,
Microsoft toolkit,
link is given in the descriptions,
So that you can download Microsoft Toolkit,
And install it to you computer,
And you can follow the upcoming step shown in this video,
After downloading,
Open the setup of Microsoft toolkit by double clicking on it,
After opening the Microsoft Toolkit,
You can see the two icon at right side below corner,
One for windows and,
Another one for Ms-office,
You need to click on windows icon,
Like, i’m clicking on windows icon,
After clicking on windows icon,
You will get some interface like in the video,
Here, you need to click on Activation tab,
And choose AutoKMS option from the dropdown,
And click install button,
Installation will take some time,
Around 1 minute,
After Installation,
Switch to Product Keys tab,
Here you need to find you product,
In the drop down,
Mine is Windows 10 Pro,
In the Edition drop down,
i’m opting for Professional,
because i’m using this trick to crack,
Windows 10 Pro,
I have clicked on professional,
After clicking professional,
I have to click Install button,
So, i clicked Install button,
After installation,
Return back to Activation tab,
Find Activate button from right side and click on it,
Here, process of cracking Windows 10 is being done,
So, it will take some time,
After Activation click on check button,
After clicking on check button,
You can see that,
The watermark has been removed,
From right bottom corner of the window,
And if we also go to personalize setting,
The earlier red colored watermark has been removed,
Now can choose any wallpaper of my choice,
That means, now i can personalize my computer as per my choice,
Now there is no need to purchase this,
No need to change any setting anymore,
Let’s verify this one more time,
whether it has been activated or not,
Right click on This PC and choose Properties,
At bottom, you can see that,
That window is activated,
Product key is also inserted,
By following this method,
you can activate any window,
I’m hoping that you liked the video and enjoyed it,
And you are going to SUBSCRIBE the channel,
So, that you can get the upcoming tricks at very first,


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11 thoughts on “How to crack windows 10 pro (In Hindi) [2019]✅

  1. "Extraction Failed" then my files got encrypted. good thing this was only ran inside of a vm. and it proves what I previously thought. all comments below, since ALL are positive (which never happens ever.), they're alts of the creator of the virus and ppl working with the creator. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

  2. It Works, Thank You Very Much Dear Friend, I Hope You will gives us helpful videos in future like this.

    THANKS 😎

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