April 1, 2023

25 thoughts on “How to connect to PC Remote Server?

  1. i have "PC Remote is already running check for its icon in notification area near clock and its process in Task Manager" even if i launch it for the first time :/

  2. having problem to connect on the computer become of Multiple ID address (network). My Internet is connected to my computer but i don't have a modem to give out wifi so i using the command Prompt (hosted network) to get wifi. so i having two networks here one that is connecting to my computer and the other network to give out wifi. . cannot connect error 1005. i set the network to public but still cannot connected (error)

  3. I got the solution for the Error 1005… 

    Go to Network and Sharing Center and make your connection public… 

    After that it works like a charm… 

    Cheers 😀

  4. Keeps telling me my wi-fi is turned off, which it isn't. Only got it to work once. I switched to Team View and OMG it not only works but has free hot spot connection, wake up, and other stuff that this app wants to charge you for. Not only that you can control computers not on your wi-fi AND it shows your desktop on your phone making it so much easier to use. Delete PC Remote Server and get TeamView instead!

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