January 31, 2023

[HOW TO] BootLoader Unlock your Xiaomi Phone [ENGLISH] Mi Max 3 (Method works on ALL Xiaomi devices)

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[HOW TO] BootLoader Unlock your Xiaomi Phone [ENGLISH] Mi Max 3 (Method works on ALL Xiaomi devices)

This has been a video in the making for quite some time, yes, its nothing special 🙂 But. i had no idea about the two week wait and at first? its VERY annoying but after awhile you kind of forget about it and when the time comes you are super happy to do it 🙂

Step 1: Make a MI account on your device ( Not going to do a video on this because its done when you first setup the device )
Step 2: Go into the options and enable your MI account for unlocking!
Step 3: Visit the offical site to get unlock permission – This no longer requires any forms or anything wild.
Step 4: Download the MI Unlock Tool –
Step 5: Enable Developer mode on your device + Enable OEM unlock and follow this video! When you first run it, you will get an error “Cannot unlock for X hours” – Keep a note of how many hours it is and put it inside your calander and come back. Do not bother to keep trying because it keeps the exact time! I have tried evertything and all tricks none work!
Step 6: Follow this video and you will be fully 100% BootLoader Unlocked


Unoffical Bootloader Unlock Tool (Linux / OSX ) – BEWARE (THIS IS 3RD PARTY AND IS CLOSED SOURCE) it is reported to 100% work and i even tried it and it seems to work. BUT, you are dealing with a chinease device in your country? why risk it? simply boot windows or install windows via a virtual machine



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