August 18, 2022

How I DOUBLED my Testosterone in 3 Months (CONFIRMED with blood test)

➜ ZMO (for testosterone):
➜ Krill Oil:
➜ BULK Pre-Workout:
➜ Protein Powder:
➜ Greens Powder:

Inside this video: Learn how to boost testosterone naturally. Plus, my thoughts on clomid for men and testosterone replacement therapy.

➜ Carbs:
➜ Fat:
➜ Zinc:
➜ Vitamin D:
➜ Sleep:

My name is David de las Morenas.
I’m a strength coach & bestselling author based in Austin.
I upload new videos every Monday & Thursday.

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20 thoughts on “How I DOUBLED my Testosterone in 3 Months (CONFIRMED with blood test)

  1. Thanks for watching bros! If you wanna grab the ZMO or Krill Oil, they're having a big sale today for Memorial Day (coupon = BEAST18). Here's the link:

  2. What should be the level of testosterone for a normal man ?? I just have only 377ng/dL and I am 28 . Is this very less ?

  3. Congratulations 👍🏻 But 991 is still lower than my natural testosterone levels. And I am probably double your age. Anyway, congrats ❤

  4. Here is a great list of things to boost testosterone:
    1.rhodiola rosea herb in liquid tincture or pill here: helps with energy,muscle repair and stamina.
    2.ginseng , ashwagandha
    3.Mucuna pruriens(legumes) ,tongkat ali (Asian plant) ,
    4.make a juice 1 red beet +15 carrots (increase nitric oxide and cleans blood flow), 1/2 of small watermelon (vitamin C) and 1/2 squeezed lemon juice together (acts like viagra very good for blood flow),Boost testosterone by eating/taking – 4 full boiled eggs ( b-vitamins) , zinc/magnesium ( in nuts/pumpkin seeds/greens very good) ,potassium in (coconut water,bananas,avocados), celery/broccoli ,certain types of mushrooms ,onions (really good) ,
    Eat food/diet based on your blood type check Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo website.
    5.A vogel avena sativa oats tincture (has many vitamins add to lemon) , pine pollen ,goji berries (in liquid builds up energy)
    6.kettlebell exercise ( two hand swing for pelvis muscle) 20 min a day.

    Foods that lower testostrone: fried foods,dairy, refined carbs (pasta,white bread etc),olive oil,soy,corn starch, popcorn, sweets/sugars (cakes,donuts,chocolate,honey etc),diet soda,licorice root, reishi, hops in beer, l-theanine(green tea) eat organic and avoid GMO meat/food.Check the book called The Obesity Code Jason Fung (control insulin and carbs to help with testosterone) on amazon. Talk to your doctor prior using any medications there could be drug/medical interactions.(ツ)

  5. I like your video man 😉
    but for more T production you should definitely STOP all wheat, grain and corn altogether!! They decrease T levels drastically. Instead you can eat better sources like tubers. (pumpkin, potatoes, squash, carrots, etc..)

  6. I began thinking krill oil, zmo and heavy deadlifts did it.

    Then this guy tells you he took a SERM, clomid. Clomid basically eliminates estrogen.

    With little to no estrogen the testicles produce more test. As test converts to estrogen. Since a SERM is present in the blood stream then there is no conversion to estrogen, meaning more overall test.

    What doesn’t make sense is how estrogen has gone up after using a SERM.

  7. Free levels are what matter most. Many have a problem where they're converting T to E, so raising the total level just raises the estrogen cascade with it. Artillery war vets have abysmal free levels due to concussion blasts and have cured their PTSD and depression just by getting their free level ratios to increase. I think it was either Dr. Nick Delgado or Mark Gordon that was working with them to increase their free levels.
    Higher Free-T is where you want to be. D-Aspartic Acid is a known and proven supplement for raising free levels. I remember in 2012 when I started taking it a month before I was about to begin my first prohormone cycle I was working out so intensely I wore out the teeth on the rowing-machine with the fan. That thing was constantly skipping teeth. My gym limit-break went to a whole new level. The prohormone cycle itself wasn't all that impressive, and afterwards there was a bit of a drop but not much because I didn't go balls to the walls with it. I'd rather have all natural increase. I want to be lifting healthily well up until the day I die, and synthetic drugs won't get you there. They'll do the opposite and age you faster making you weaker in old age with thinning hair and horrible skin complexion. Look at anyone who's done drugs for muscle gains for extended periods of time and they just look "off" from a visual stand point. They don't look healthy, and you know they did some cycles in the past.

  8. My husband beat testicular cancer and has been on TRT for a few years now.
    He went through hell and back trying different types until the dr and he found the right one for him. He is exercising daily and eating well now.
    He is on track and feeling better than ever before. I'm so proud of him.
    Thank you for you honesty as for most men I can imagine this isn't an easy subject.

  9. If you inject testosterone (without an actual shortage), you will just inhibit your LH, which leads to lower "natural" testosterone production by your body. That's the problem with testosterone abuse. They take way higher dosages which pretty much kills their natural testosterone producing cells –> Testicals shrink to nothing and you're screwed. To be honest, I don't see the point for you to go for that, since you obviously have enough of Testosterone.
    Btw if you're scared to get cancer from bacon, you have no idea what extra testosterone can do … Growing stuff quickly and unnatural is way more risky
    All the best

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