February 7, 2023

39 thoughts on “Grilled Cornish Game Hen

    Love the 1/2 hen serve up. Going to do this for Christmas dinner for 6 in a week. Cranberry sauce looked GREAT!
    The flavor from the seasonings must have been fantastic. I'll find out next week!

  2. Love Cornish Hen or Codornices like we call em,for the Holidays we cook em by the box.No wonder you were inspired to give it Holiday flavors.Thanks for the videos,you and Chef John have alot of recipes i can relate to.

  3. You know what would add a ton to your videos? A completely independent, unbiased, unpaid taste tester. I'll volunteer as tribute.

  4. Very very nice Chef Tom cornish hens looked good with that Cranberry Gastrique (sauce) and really like the potato puree color .
    what wood would you use if you did this on a weber kettle charcoal grill???

  5. Unless you are using the backbone to make chicken stock there is really no need to remove the backbone when doing this.

  6. As a student, I watch Chef Tom's video as if I was eating all these delicious foods while actually I'm eating cheap instant ramen noodles.

  7. That really looks good Chef Tom! I've never understood for the life of me why Cornish Game Hens are so expensive because I always suspected they are nothing more than a baby chicken, but I wasn't sure until now.

    But isn't preparing that cranberry gastrique in that cast iron pan kind of rough on it with all that acid?

  8. Tom…where was this recipe last week when I had to wing it. I even looked for one on ATB.com. Yours turned out much better and can’t wait to try it with the other two in the freezer! You guys rock!

  9. Thanks for reminding us you're a chef, if we didn't hear it the first time round, you certainly demonstrate it time and time again, keep it up!

  10. Just had my steak and eggs breakfast burritos, relaxing digesting and watching this newest episode. Thanks again!

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