August 17, 2022

48 thoughts on “Gopro Bike Ride in Tokyo Japan

  1. 我們年齡太大 不能演 黃飛鴻 或少林寺 武功 ..傻小孩 盡量也是不要太累 ..我的小孩都是 傻小孩

  2. 這個 BIKE 太原始 .. 還是 過去的台灣光陽摩托車 有一款 motorcycle 具有 踩踏腳踏車功能 +燃油功能

  3. 台灣人 害怕去日本的因由 大多是 因為台獨在日本活動 ..因為 大陸 也有在日本活動 ..變成 前線爭執 區

  4. if there are more videos like this, i will be super happy!! <3 <3 as for areas… somewhere you can see the bay would be nice, or maybe looking at popular parks.

  5. Very cool video seeing a particular neighborhood in Tokyo. I love seeing the neighborhood shops, watching the regular folk walking about, riding their bikes, examining the layout of the residential streets. It's like actually being in Tokyo from a local resident's perspective. Please make some more.

  6. this went from being relaxing to feeling like I'm riding the bike in a video game LOL but either ways very enjoyable would love more of these! 😀

  7. I really love the tranquility of this video. The bike ride with street sounds helps me unwind after a long day. This is the 3rd time i have watched it. Thanks for making this…

  8. Great video! Nogata is a very nice neighborhood. I hope to visit it one day.
    Ride video suggestion-you once showed a no-cars pathway out of Asagaya. It might make a good bike ride video.

  9. I loved going for a bike ride with you! It reminds me of our neighborhood walks through the area we stayed in July. There was a maze part of streets just like in your 'hood. Would you consider taking us for a ride on a bikeshare bike…perhaps in a neighborhood where you can't ride your own bike to get there?

  10. What a great morning ride! I was constantly afraid that you would be hit by someone. This trip reminded me of when I lived in Taiwan many years ago. The surroundings were very similar. Thanks for taking us on this journey. Looking forward to watching other bike rides to other parts of the city.

  11. I absolutely loved this! Part of my favorite part of travel is wandering around neighborhoods and seeing what is there. As it is unlikely that I will ever be able to visit there, I'm so grateful to get to see a little peek inside life over there. Thank you so much for sharing this! And I personally would welcome many more videos like these where you walk around or bike around neighborhoods. I am so enjoying this new channel! I especially love seeing what you get from the vending machines. Is there anywhere near the water where you live? Perhaps you could do a Riverwalk View?

  12. More cycling tours please!
    Watching this brought back quite a few memories of my time cycling to work while I lived in Saitama. Less people but more cars in that case though. Nothing like trying to squeeze past a car making sure you don't fall into a rice paddy 😀

  13. Thanks for the ride, Im a new sub from Aussie, I also like to ride my bike round my localarea. Was wondering if there are any parks and grass you can take your dog for a run on? I'd be happy to see any rides round Japan, I would love to visit.

  14. This was seriously so nice! I loved seeing the atmosphere of the streets of Tokyo and imagined where could people be heading to, what had they done that day, etc. I think you really should cover all neighborhoods in Tokyo 😍

  15. Seems like half the bikes aren't locked. This shit won't fly here in the states:)

    Btw I'm a fan of 3 gatsu no lion, a manga that's set near the Sumida River in the Chou area(?). Would love to see the area irl:) If it's convenient for u;)

    Appreciate your content and those of the gopro channels!

  16. Oh my!!! Looks like you’re going to crash into other people. I enjoy all of your videos! Thank you so much for sharing your part of the world! Stay safe!

  17. I'm in Hawaii where we can see mountains on the horizon. Im amazed how close the buildings are in Tokyo that the horizon is obscured. Thanks for the tour, it really is an eye_opener.

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