July 11, 2020

Godox V1 Round Head Camera Flash Review | 4K

On Location Portraits with Godox V1 Wireless | Photographer Dustin Abbott shares a photo session and how-to using two Godox V1S units triggered by a Godox X-ProS. This video is sponsored by NordVPN – visit and use promo code “dustin” to get 70% off plus 1 month free. See images and text review: | Purchase the Godox V1 from PerGear: (use code DUSTIN to get 15%) Purchase the Godox V1 at Amazon for Canon: | Nikon | Sony | Fuji | Olympus
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36 thoughts on “Godox V1 Round Head Camera Flash Review | 4K

  1. Dustin another big advantage is having the battery. Have they made the option to buy another battery with charger yet ? Does it come with a charger or just a cord

  2. Dustin I’m confused. I have a ad200. I have a canon 5d. If I got this flash can I mount it right on top of my canon 5d without any need for anything else. I have a hard time thinking I would need anything to mount on top but you never know. That’s the impression I got from the video. And then off camera controlling with the xpro your saying I would need something else to control it ?

  3. Dustin I have the ad200 how do you think this would work w off camera between those 2 ? Was gonna use it mainly for on camera for my 5d

  4. I believe the 850 manual had the main flash + 5 groups, A-E. (Don't know if the 860ii changed that). IT looks like this only has main + 3 external groups. Why did they give less groups – I always use 4 external flashes.

  5. Could you tell me if it is possible to do rear curtain or second sync off camera with a canon camera? Is there any triggers that have rear curtain on them as canon does it in flash and not in camera like nikon.

  6. If anyone pros need ATG AF assist beam, then you have to get ATG Gold transmitter series.
    Prices are much more than Profoto.

  7. The ATG AF Assist Beam is disabled when using on all Sony E-mount.
    Just like HSS will be disabled once head tilted. Those are the main major reasons why photographers use C & N.

    Sony knew that many today shooters are not aware of these major problems & refused to paid ATG.
    Just like many Sony shooters DID NOT know that those high prices lenses are Japan Zeiss, not Germany Zeiss.
    And many of those lenses have NO focusing windows like Point of Focus, DOF, Feet & Meter scales.

    In bright sunlight, the Sony E-mount cameras work well with P/C AF.
    In dim light with lenses that are F3.5 or slow, good luck in pressing the shutter button.

  8. Mr Abbot, the other day I was invited to a wedding and the photographers told me they had to switch back to Canon from Sony A7R ii because "TTL just doesn't work" and they need the red-light focusing grid projected by the flash when shooting in dark environments. I have a Godox v860ii and I have to say, I am also struggling with TTL and currently only shooting manually. And of course the focusing red light doesn't light up. Does this flash solve this particular problem? Does the red focusing light work? Any opinions on TTL not working well on Sony mirrorless cameras? Many thanks for your fantastic work!

  9. Hey Dustin, I've been struggling with the weak AF pattern of the V860II in very low light (event work) how do you find the AF assist pattern on the V1?

  10. Thanks for the information Dustin! This has been very helpful. I'm thinking of picking one of these up to have a quick and reliable flash. The one's I've used in the past have been really slow on the recycle times, but I've heard good things about this one and all this info was a big help. Thanks again!

  11. Hi, very informative review! One things i may have missed: you mentioned the yongnuo wireless flash triggers. Does the V1 work with these yongnuo wireless flash triggers or do I have to use the godox one ?

  12. Godox man, I’ve got the AD400 Pro, 2 x AD200’s, 2 x V350’s, 2 x XPro triggers and 2 x V1’s all for the price of a Profoto softbox 👊🏻😁

  13. The battery is available for €69 here. When you want to use the big batterypack, you can use the Godox BP960 for about €132. That wil give you a massive 1800 full power flashes.

  14. I have an Impact Cruizer monolight with its own wireless remote. Could that fire the Godox flash as well, say to use it as hairlight?

  15. Thanks justin for this review. Just a question, can you confirm that the shoe is in metal or plastic. As i saw some pictures with a metal shoe but i can see it on your video. I have a godox v860iis and the shoe is a real cheap plastic and broke two time already…please godox don't make plastic shoe!

  16. Wait, how are you comparing two speedlights when the two photos you show, contain one overexposed image? At 2:38… the thing that stands out is the "softer" look? Not the fact that the photo with the Metz is highly overexposed? That's just a minor detail? There is also a complete lack of hard shadows, so no comparison possible about "hard light" whatsoever. The same for the bounced version at 2:51. Again, the only difference that is worth mentioning is the flash output.

    You are also confusing a "soft light", like when using a softbox or umbrella, which uses a big surface to direct light onto a subject and completely soften the light and remove harsh shadows, with… "soft transition of the beam of light" – which is what this Godox is offering, nothing more. And of course, this only counts when you use direct flash without any modifiers – so in reality the difference and usage is limited.

    Personally, I was looking forward for a more powerful flash to add to my Nikon kit, but there is no real power benefit when comparing to other flagships. So for me, the only advantage of the V1 would be the flexibility of rotating the head when bouncing, but that alone is not enough to justify a purchase. I already own a couple of V860II's next to Nikon speedlights.

  17. I just bought the V1S, but it seems that I can't get it work properly. I'm able to access all the functions and menus when off the camera (a7r3) but can't when on… I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, if there is a problem with the flash or the hot shoe. And the manual or tutorial video from Godox are of absolutely no help at all 🙁
    Would you be so kind to give me some insight ?

  18. Thanks for another great review Dustin! I will definitely be upgrading to these bad boys. One thing I am hoping is true based on my research is that this unit will work seamlessly with the US Flashpoint strobes that I currently own. Anyone else looking to purchase be sure to use his referral purchase links! Cheers!

  19. good review… when I need a new speed light im sure to get one of these.. I use a basic godox tt600 at the moment which is not very realible but it was only £60 pounds.. this looks a lot lot more realible…

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