February 4, 2023

35 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 9 | Unlocking the Bootloader

  1. After unlocking. Now when I look in developer the tap has gone 😮😮I cannot lock or unlock again 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  2. Dude, I believe this is wrong. This option ONLY allows for the bootloader to be unlocked, doesn't actually UNLOCK the bootloader. They won't make it that easy. Especially on very high end phones like these. IF it IS that easy…well I'll be getting a note 9 international, but I seriously doubt it.

  3. i will not do that on my J6 because i don't want to lose my warranty but great video!I thinked what was the option in recovery mode then i discovered it!

  4. thanks Verizon for fucking everything up, I want full access to MY device damn it. I bought the damned thing with my own money, and I can't do what I want with the thing.

  5. So i have samsung galaxy A6+ SM-A605FN and i had android 8.0
    My phone was working perfectly and once i updated it to android 9 it went super slow so now im trying to find a way to go back so i downloaded the firmware of my device but for android 8.0 and i booted into recovery mode but everytime i click on apply update from sd card it says card cant be mounted invalid argument. Any idea how to fix that or any easier ways to dowgrade back to android 8?

  6. Hi I cannot get oem unlock to show up I factory reset my device several times and no luck what I'm I doing wrong??

  7. Please tell me how to unlock Samsung Galaxy A50 it runs on Exynos 9610 and doesn't have a bixby button or anything it's a midrange device please help

  8. Does the OEM unlock feature become available 7 days after you enable developer options or 7 days after activation on cell network?

  9. I turned on oem unlock but it did not ask me to factory reset.simply it turned on and it also did not delete my data …please tell me is my boot loader is unlock already?

  10. Nobody in the USA has the exinos version!! The only version that is sold is the snapdragon. So why are you making this video by your voice you sound American you could be Canadian but you sound American if you know you can't root the snapdragon version which most Americans have this video is pointless. By the way there is a root method already for the snap dragon.

  11. Can you make a video about benefits and risks of rooting or booting your android device in 2018-19. Just got the galaxy note 9 and wondering if I should modify it and for the things that will come out of it.

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