October 3, 2022

33 thoughts on “Forged In Furious Testosterone

  1. Quilted armour is still used; Kevlar, and carbon fibre reinforced steel plates are woven/quilted layers to this day 🙂 It's meant to stop impacts, not slashing.

  2. Cloth armor used to actually be fairly common, it's called a gambeson and if it's well made its actually pretty effective against cuts. So if you were really poor, it was definitely better than nothing. If you were rich, you'd still wear one, just under chainmail armor.

  3. "That kind of armor" is called a gambeson and when thick enough and made properly can be very difficult to cut through. What that had on the show was way to thin and shitty.

  4. 6:14
    This is a gambeson you fucking moron! It was the most widely used armour in the middle ages, and may have been part of a plate armour as it held all the pieces to the body and acted like a cushion.
    It was also used underneath chainmail, a hard strike would have maybe not cut you, but certainly broken your bones.

    This is what it looks like when someone has 0 idea what they are talking about.

  5. Why are they testing knives against great helms? The two things those helmets are most well known for is inspiring fear in the hearts of infidels, and being virtually impervious to blades.

  6. pick your spots better idiot. You constantly talk over the action that is more interesting than you, you dont need to be flapping your dumb lips every second.

  7. I can't tell you how many times you started watching another video and before it starts I'll take my phone off full screen and realize you stated another video… just to put my phone back on full screen again..😂

  8. That armor is actually quite common. Quilt armor is really good to deflect blows and goes well when paired with every day clothing for protection

  9. The white "pillow armor" is called a gambeson. It's supposed to go under chainmail and protect against blunt force impact since the mail itself is good against anything slashing but won't help much when it comes to the raw impact of the thing you're being hit with.

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