April 1, 2023

Fix! Scratch disks are full in photoshop cc2017

You can change the scratch disk location and add multiple scratch disks from Photoshop Preferences File menu to Preferences to Performance. Many power users like to create a dedicated hard drive partition for the Photoshop scratch disk. Although Photoshop will function with a single scratch disk on the system partition, you can improve performance by setting the scratch disk to be the fastest drive in your system. Other useful guidelines for setting scratch disks are to avoid using the same drive where your operating system is installed, avoid using a drive where the files you edit are stored, and don’t use network or removable drives for a scratch disk..

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47 thoughts on “Fix! Scratch disks are full in photoshop cc2017

  1. Guys, instead of breaking your head sometimes, while opening the project check if you set it to inches or pixels, I found it out the hard way, I didn't notice, I was tryna open a new project with 1000 x 1000 "inches" instead of "pixels" , be careful even if you have a lot of space sometime this could be the issue, select and always use pixels not inches

  2. If you’re having this issue close photoshop if open then pin photoshop ask taskbar .then right click on photoshop in the task bar and open photoshop. This fixed my issue so good luck

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