January 27, 2022

28 thoughts on “File & Device Shareing Between Windows XP & Windows 7

  1. Terimakasih tutorialnya sy coba praktek an langsung berhasil data dari xp ke seven langsung ke ditek
    Padahal sebelumnya sy coba lihat tutorial yg lain udah 2 hari gak bisa bisa

  2. Just FYI, the Apply Button applies settings and window stays open, OK button applies settings and closes window, no need to press Apply and OK

  3. hello,
    i am still unable to even see the windows XP computer in the network area of my windows 7 laptop. anyone got any help for that?

  4. hey how did u connect winxp computer and win 7 computer. using a networking ethernet cable???
    or through wifi.
    reply is most welcome.

  5. anyone have issues with a Windows 7 pc on a domain accessing a windows xp share on a workgroup. For whatever crazy reason I cant.

  6. thanks alot.i understood it.well delivered.cant wait to pull out my xp box and access the files. ita like travelling in a tine machine.thanks man,you the man

  7. oh my GOD………….. really awesome tutorial thank you so much for sharing…… it's helps me alot……….. thank you so much again……….

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