December 2, 2022

Excel Workday function: Find end date – exclude weekends & holidays

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Excel’s workday function is great when you need to calculate an end date based on a given number of working days – which means you need to exclude weekends and holidays. Some examples are
– creating a project timeline
– creating a reporting timetable
In this video I show you both examples.

Excel’s workday function assumes weekends fall on Saturdays and Sundays. In case the weekends in your country fall on other days, you will need to use Workday.intl where you have an additional option to select the weekend days.

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24 thoughts on “Excel Workday function: Find end date – exclude weekends & holidays

  1. In our office it's odd and even saturdays. All odd saturdays are working and even saturdays are holidays of course all Sundays are off. So how should we do that in planning?

  2. Thank you ,and I would like to ask you about the holiday and weekends column , did you type in the dates by yourself or there are any easier method ?

  3. This function continuously returns #VALUE, in spite of the fact that my starting date function is formatted as a date value and my # of Work Days is formatted as a number?

  4. Hi Leila, many thanks for the video, it got me a long way along the tortuous route I have to take get my forecasting correct.  One thing: in construction, the start date is usually counted as a work day which Excel miscalculates unless the first calculated date is based upon Start Date-1.

  5. Hello .. I'm following all your videos from last week. Your videos are very useful..

    I have once quick question for you , Please help me out because I'm stuck here.

    Question : For ex : I have a one date as a reference and from this reference date i need to get 3 different dates i.e ( 7 days before the ref date, 2 days before the ref date & 1 day before the ref date) but the twist is that the new date should fall on Weekday and not on Weekend( i.e Sat & sun) & Holidays.
    Please help me out , i'm trying to figure out this from many days.

  6. How can I find the end date if I assign different hours to the week days, so not every day would have the same work hours, and how can I fully customise the weekdays if I need more than 2? I have been struggle with this for a while now

  7. great, but how about if I have diferent dates with different amount of hours? let say from Monday to Thursday the default time is 6 hours but on Fridays are 3 hours and saturdays and sundays are free days, but at some point I need an specific date to work more than 6 hours and/or that I need a particular saturday to work, so how can I calculate based on that variables?
    I aam tring to make a cronogram based on each participant, so their disponibility could be very diferent from each other, tring to do it throug a table where they can fill the data through weeks after telling if they are going to fill the time with hours, mins, etc, and if it is per unit or per ampunt of units asigned, I will leave a link where yo could find my very rough excel file:!AtYtwUtCJl08g_4544Qj4lC7QFz0Jg

  8. I have set of data wherein I have start end and end date but there manay cells therein has no end date given (there are blank as task has not completed) in this case which formula I should use and also I have to exlcude weekend.. Pls suggest.

  9. Great tutorial; however I don't want it to calculate so that it takes out all the weekends. I just want the end date not to be a weekend. If anyone can help with that it would be appreciated.

  10. Thanks! Is there a way to round the end date to the nearest, say, Thursday? But if it already lands on a Thursday, it should stay on that Thursday rather than rounding up or down.

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