March 28, 2023

34 thoughts on “Excel: How to Show the Day of the Week for a Date – Weekday Function

  1. Thanks for the easy to understand video, but if you delete the date the cell with the day in defaults to Saturday how can I change it so it will display nothing?

  2. Its helpful video, I was searching on net how to show the days, only your video is clear and right, thanks for your video

  3. This did not work for me. Instead of a number ie "6" I got "=WEEKDAY(A18)". I am using Excel 2007. The date was in the cell above what I wanted to use as the weekday display cell, otherwise I followed everything in the guide exactly.

  4. Just typing in a particular cell with the reference is little bit easier
    Eg. =TEXT(A1,"dddd") where A1 is the particular date.

  5. Hi! i followed your instructions but instead of the day of the week coming up, Im getting a random date and time. do you have any idea why ?

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