January 27, 2023

27 thoughts on “Every Xbox One controller ever made 2018!

  1. I brought a Xbox one @ day one had to take it back because it wouldn't turn on. Waited about 1yr after rebrought the same system worked great. 3 weeks later got robbed. Now got a new xbox one X happy again and got a home security for my place

  2. With all these controllers i told my whole class to beat me in a game of Fortnite. I won. A quote from my friend Garrett – 2019

  3. To be honest I like that Microsoft did mostly exclusive/ special controllers not like Sony with the ps4 and with Nintendo with the switch. Adds more originality to the whole Xbox controller line

  4. I didnt see the 2 that were released by only Argos….Argos exclusive, Xbox official.. the orange/grey and the pink/purple

  5. My 2 xbox one X speical edition still working after 8 months, My Xbox One blue/grey controller still working after 11 months of gameplay.

    but hearing so many people controller broken after 3 months or 6 months, Mines still working flawlessly fresh of the box as new.

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