February 4, 2023

Drodo Auto Chess | PC Client Beta First Look!


I was lucky enough to get into the beta for Drodo’s Auto Chess PC Client. So far it looks and feels much more like an Alpha version but the potential is definitely there. I will be uploading a follow up video with commentary with my feedback and impressions very shortly after this is up.

I also plan to stream Auto Chess very often so if you’re at all a fan of the game, consider giving my twitch a follow!

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25 thoughts on “Drodo Auto Chess | PC Client Beta First Look!

  1. I added Auto Chess to my Epic library and launched it. However I don't know how to register an new account, because everything on that site is in chinese. Can you help me and translate me what I need to type in those fields in registration? 😡

  2. i got the game and installed it but I don't know why my game keeps saying connection lost even though my connection is pretty strong lol

  3. this looks super sick. unlucky that i can't play right now cause i got a bug or something … i used my code in the epic store but somehow i'm not allowed to download the game q_q

  4. the artstyle is just too mobile game for words. this'll never look right.
    also yikes, dont' expect this video to get that many views, maybe brace for downvotes actually, most people are hardcore railing against autobattler games. I mean I'm one of them but I'm past that now.

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