January 27, 2023

49 thoughts on “DOTA AUTO CHESS!!

  1. You couldnt upgrade the enchantress cause you need 2 UNIQUE (i.e. different) druids, in order to get the 3 start you need all 4 druids in the game (enchantress, nature's prophet (furion), treant and lone druid)

  2. tips.dont use up your gold,every turn you can get 10% gold of you total gold.and if you win all the way without lose you get reward. and if you lose all the time you get more gold too..so someone know how to control his life point and lose all the way without buying to many hero,when he save 50gold, he will get more 5 gold every turn!!

  3. overbuying and not getting lucky chess piece, you probably could have won if you focus down finding that one unit at the later parts of game

  4. You get 10% internet on gold, up to 5 gold per round. In total it’s 10~13 gold per round if you have more than 50 gold.

  5. in the early game do not spend money to reroll, it's fine to lose a few rounds in the early game, try to save to 50 gold, it will provide 10% interest each round and have a cap of 5.

  6. The druid bug might not be a bug. Maybe it has to be two unique druid units to count. Once you had Treant Protector it worked…
    Edit: Nevermind. Chat mentioned it during the video.

  7. Just want to add some info regarding the gold. Winning and losing streak give your bonus gold each round, and I believe the max is 3. You also gain additional gold as interest each round depending on how much you have . Common thing a lot of Chinese players do is that they purposely go on a losing streak at the beginning, and spend minimum amount gold until they reach 50 gold. After that, they would just spend the gold they gain each round (about 10),unless they really need it for certain chess or they don't feel comfortable about their health. Edit: I believe you all share the same chess pool, so you could potentially block other people's strategy by buying the pieces they need.

  8. Just in case for the Enchantres combo (It's in the game description in Dota): Q: Why 2 enchantress cannot combine automatically?
    A: Only 2 different kind of druids and trigger the combo, so you need another druid in battleground, such as treantprotector.

  9. Baumi it says above the druid thing in black text that it has to be (N) different creatures with this ability. So the same ones dont work. To upgrade to a three star creature you need 4 units with druid but since there are no 4 different creatures with the druid effect you can not to that yet.

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