March 20, 2023

Dota 2 Mods | THE ABSOLUTE STRONGEST BUILD!! | Baumi plays Legends of Dota

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47 thoughts on “Dota 2 Mods | THE ABSOLUTE STRONGEST BUILD!! | Baumi plays Legends of Dota

  1. I remembered this combo in dota 1 LOD and The other version which iz walrus punch + enchant totem which is broken asf

  2. aaaand this build gets counter by one ability…. refraction, remember the game where baumi got destryed by a viper that had it

  3. builds that would beat this : rearm gaurdian angel , burrow dispersion and bristleback , dispersion hight hp flesh heap tank
    and a lot more

  4. There is a way to counter this build tho, rearm Doom, goes through spell immunity, silences and cancels passives

  5. If more than 2 ultimates is allowed, get Laguna blade, Finger of Death, Reaper scythe, Rearm. the 2 others can be life break and thundergods wrath, or just utility stuff. also get 6 skadi because you need hp and mana, alot of then to be exact.
    P.S what would Multi cast do on this build? would it break the game if you multi casted just 1 of these ability? multi casting rearm is useless, but the others are just gg after you get aghs, also this build comes online after level 18 or something

  6. you should had picked an range hero so yu dont have to go close and yur gonna have the advantage using yur skills cuz yu cann kill longrange ok good ahh uhh

  7. Classic dota 1 LOD 1 hit.

    1. Ember 2nd skill
    2. Bounty 3rd skill
    3. Earth shaker 2nd skill
    4. Tiny ulti
    5. Pudge 3rd skill
    6. This must be rikis invi but since it's not his ulti anymore you choose what you want. I prefer slardar ulti.

    Choose strength hero with fast cast skill.

  8. Would Duel+Flesh heap make this build even stronger? Eventually you'll have too much HP for blademail to matter and also infinitely scaling damage. Just drop magic immunity cuz it's gay and witchcraft is also kinda bad.

  9. Hey baumi, I have a build that is in theory something that is completely impossible to counter(Never tried it myself, but it might just work)

    Get essence aura, Rearm and global silence…. You might wonder this is good, the answear is simple, Global silence pierces spell immunity… So just keep rearming and the enemy has literally nothing but basic attacks and items available.

    Give that a try… Please.

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