February 4, 2023

33 thoughts on “Dota 2 Mods | SWASHBUCKLE INSTANT KILL!! | Baumi plays Legends of Dota Redux

  1. Squashbuckle + Moon Glaive is like Searing Arrow + Splinter. Use Pangolin with that build, also maximize crits and Cleave atk. Can you try that?

  2. in custom ablity theres is a passive ability called anemica aura and someone used it and it was very op find that build for me

  3. Sorry it's my first time on redux, how come I can't do this build cause it says it's a troll build? Like I wanna play against bots and try this build out, but it says it's against troll build and cannot be used, anyway I can use this build?

  4. Swashbuckle, desolate, chilling touch, chakra magic(for swashbuckle CD), coup de grace and last one any attack modifier hahaha trust me its amazing.

  5. How did you do this every time I try there’s a limit of 3 Passives and overload and arcane orb can be together… help please I wanna try it

  6. Baumi been playing for as long as dota 2 has been out you can even call him a pro. Yet he forgot to buy items😂

  7. I have an idea, what about having grow(tiny), god strength(sven), swash buckle, and overpower(ursa)? Would that work?

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