March 20, 2023

48 thoughts on “Dota 2 Mods | MAXIMUM CAST RANGE BUILD!! | Baumi plays Legends of Dota Redux

  1. You need two people to play io, and then both of you get tether, wind ranger ult and the auto attack when you’re tethered talent

  2. looks like you get a flesh heap if someone other than Wk uses reincarnation so if you kill them for good you get 2 not 1

  3. what custom game is this? is this different from Legends of Dota 7.00 something? or its just from changing the settings and enabling skills?

  4. I have a build for you: The Skywrath Mage Typing Challenge!

    It's based around taking Aftershock then stacking up low-cooldown abilities. The build I went with was Earthshock, Quill Spray (Bristle), Anchor Smash, Aftershock, Warpath and Essence Aura – three low CD abilities to trigger Aftershock, Warpath will give you speed and damage for each spell and Essence Aura ensures that even with those low mana abilities you'll never run out of mana. At max level, Aftershock stuns for 1.5 seconds; Quill Spray only has a 3 second cooldown, Earthshock is on 5, Anchor Smash goes down to 4 seconds. The second somebody gets in range and you stun them, you can keep them stunned forever.

    I tried it with Skywrath because in Redux the Skywrath perk refunds mana for any abilities with a cooldown of 7 seconds(?) or lower, but it'll work with pretty much everybody and is so much fun. It does require a blink to be properly cruel, so you could switch out Warpath for a Blink, and I didn't try it with Multicast because that would be too cruel.

  5. posting if no-one else has. but I think the reason why he was able to run while channelling life drain is because kotl when his ultimate is activated can cast his q and run away. so it might have something to do with that mechanic. being Able to move while channelling an ability once ult is used? what do you think..

  6. Baumi get Guardian Angel+Cooldown ReductionFH +aghanim. get sniper best 25% reduction 🙂

    no more reting build.

  7. Reapers scythe + flesh heap colldown reduction + like witchcraft and more colldown reduction shit and just run around ks shit and end up with insane colldown on ult

  8. baumi, your flesh heap stacks work even if you die, but only in range. at 11:05 you can see it. you died, and didnt got the kill, but still got a stack. also at 12:08 too

  9. Please do the Phantom Cannon build
    Stifling Dagger
    Coup De grace
    Flesh Heap cast range
    Jingu Mastery
    That double cast thing (the one from the magic missile spam vid)
    and then any escape mechanic (preferably blink)

  10. I don't know if it works on LoD Redux, but BLADE DANCE (Juggernaut) + REFLECTION (Terrorblade) is incredible, because the ilusions can crit. It works on Ability Draft at least.

  11. Thirst+Cooldown Reduction OP+ Veera's ult + Veera's passive lets you reach Dota 2's hard cap of 5000 movement speed. It's insane. I also had Rupture and Flaming Lasso as well, it was hilarious. I know that there are more than 2 ults here, my games nowadays always have 6 ultimates and 6 normal abilities allowed so anyone can pick any combination. I host with my friends though so we just keep the builds fun and not try to win and it's really awesome. We usually host 2vs2 and 3vs3 matches with our rule of everyone spending most of the time in the mid lane, Valve has prohibited all people under level 5 from chatting in mod, national or private chats so it has become extremely hard to recruit people and I really want to keep my streak of having 0 public matches played in over 1000 hours of Dota 2.

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