February 8, 2023

41 thoughts on “Dota 2 Mods | MAXIMUM ATTACK MODIFIERS!! | Baumi plays Legends of Dota Redux

  1. Using alt plus the skill is the hotkey to toggle I believe. I am not entirely sure though because my brother edited my hotkeys lol.

  2. Mana is impossible to manage? Then how about ditch impetus and one of the two slows and replace it with arcane orb and aura?

  3. Baumi can you pls do this on lod
    A skill that uses all your mana eg the morphling change from something to something you take two of those so they cam drain your mana

    Next skill is aghanims of orge the skill that uses 60% of your mana but you dont have mana so you can spam it

    Next skill is witchcraft and spell amp flesh heap and you decide the last skill

  4. Idea for a lod build:

    Sprout from natures prophet
    Magic Anomaliy ( the one that makes single target spells hit everything in the sphere)
    recon system, the tree trap thing that the enemy used

    maybe even other tree based spells like windrunner stun

  5. An idea: if you get the meepo and the arc warden ult and the terrorblade and naga illusions,would this Work? This would be 5 meepos Duplicate with the tempest double =10 meepos. Every One would cast his illus, would be 10×6 illusions => 60 illus. Then you would only have to Buy radiance xD. But i don't know maybe this doesnt work

  6. Played a similar build and Bloodstone is really good at making sure you don't run out of mana. I also had Infernal Blade which you can't really skill early due to the mana cost, but once you get mana regen it's very strong because of the stun.

    Idea for LoD build:
    Kinetic Field,
    Bood Rite,
    Midnight Pulse,
    Wind Soul

    Idea is that you trap enemies with Kinetic Field at about the same time as Blood Rite activates, so they are silenced and can't blink away, then deal damage with Firestorm, Midnight Pulse and Calldown. Level 25 gets pretty spooky as you have a -7s cooldown talent for the Blood Rite.

  7. Yo baumi. Why dont you take one point on glaives of wisdom… You dont have use it in fight just level it up so you'll get additional stats whenever you get kill/assist

  8. Haven't watched baumi in a few months at least, but this throws me straight back to the whacky legends of dota 2013 days, oh god the memories

  9. Hey Baumi what do you thonk of a built around bloodrite from bloodseeker. We have seen in your recent bloodseeker video how short the cooldown can be, but I believe you can get a 1 second cooldown, which we can use in combination with multicast. It also has a decent cast range so you don't have to be in the middle of the fight, but can spam it from far away.

  10. hey baumi! idea for OAA, you could add a reflex core item that provides true sight, or a dust effect as well to go along with the scan idea you were talking about. gives a little extra detection if someone wants to dedicate a slot to it, but it's not as obscene as an edible gem.

  11. hmm what about glaives, od orbs,essence aura, essence shift int, flesh heap int, focus fire for single target or sanity's eclipse for aoe dmg with silencer ofc

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