March 27, 2023

Dota 2 Mods | INSANE RETURN DAMAGE!! | Baumi plays Legends of Dota


Like this:

This is how it works:


I also stream on twitch sometimes:

If you want to play with me just join the chat channel “Minimis” and chill there, I usually ask for people to play with at least once a day.


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27 thoughts on “Dota 2 Mods | INSANE RETURN DAMAGE!! | Baumi plays Legends of Dota

  1. Should've got the skill electrical vortex with scepter instead of morphling's thingy would've been a better skill combo

  2. Are broken builds in ability draft allowed here? Sticky Napalm with rot melts everyone. Essence Aura + Mana Shield + Ball Lightning, invincible infinite flight (spam mana shield even mid ball flight for infinite essence aura procs)

  3. I have an idea for a build but its very different than your usual builds. You can call it the ultimate support and you basically combine kotl's teleport with treant's heal/damage block and omni ult (with ags) so you can global block damage and save people. Then with your last 3 abilities you can get whatever you want but if u want even more saving power get io – tether and ult, and then maybe witch doc heal.

  4. You blabber to much nonsense. You're great you know. Just stop with the non related things. Something like the your mama thing. Any ways keep it up.

  5. "We are going to click on things. We're clicking on things. Clicking on things"

    Oh Baumi, how I love your commentary

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