February 8, 2023

34 thoughts on “dota 2 mod installer (7.00)

  1. ITS NOT WORKING !! dont waste ur time by seeing into the images of this application ….. totally of no use better download mod skin dota …its very ez mod

  2. Well, uhh, it corrupted my game and deleted it from existance… now i have to wait another aeons to install it again..

  3. And, it takes forever to Get mods from the s rver he said, and when i click on heroes, it does nothing. Completely.

  4. If some of you telling you will be VAC banned, well no. Because this are just a mod and no people will see the changes.
    And, if you complain that only you can see it, just to tell you it is not mod. Because you will be VAC ban if you have the skin without purchasing it or being traded to you. Sorry for bad english.

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