November 29, 2022

23 thoughts on “Dota 2 Hero Spotlight – Pugna

  1. hey thanks for making these dota 2 vids, im currently installing the game and while im waiting im just looking for some guides

  2. Changes to Pugna have been made since this video was released. This list will contain those changes (not including number changes, since they are very frequent)

    Decrepify: The magic resistance reduction on allies is greatly reduced compared to enemies, and it no longer slows allies either.

    Nether Ward: Now burns a percentage of the enemies mana instead of always burning a static amount.

    Life Drain: If you have full health the health you drain from enemies will be transferred to your mana pool. You can also cast this ability on allies. Doing this will drain health from Pugna and give it to the targeted ally. This spell still has to be channeled.

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  3. what i hate about pugna is until you get like Orchid, Vise or any massive mp regen item…you'll always be needing mana..

  4. I can rampage with pugna first set up your 3rd skill use your 2nd on your targeted nemy then fucking use your ulti(you can only rampage if you have the aghanims)

  5. so,if pugna gets the scepter he can literally just spam life drain for all the time without waiting any seconds?awsome

  6., why does all of DOTA 2 heroes seem so fricken OP by themselves. A ultimate that has no cooldown with the scepter…wtf, I know it's a team game and all but seriously seem so OP?

  7. Pugna has always been my favourite hero in Dota. He has something to disable right clicking carries for 5 seconds, he fucks casters without trying, he can make himself immune to phys (juggs ult etc) for 5 seconds, he can increase magic damage on a target, he can push like a mofo, he can farm quickly with the same spell, he can lifedrain when he needs to and has the highest int gain in the game meaning you seldom run out of mana (especially seeing you can now drain it) and he can carry if necessary. I have no idea why people think he isn't that good nor why he is considered a 'support'. Pugna wins games

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