October 3, 2022

Đập Thuỷ Điện Bonneville- Nhân Giống Cá-Thác Multnomah |Bonneville Dam-Fish HatChery-Multnomah Falls


👉 Tham Quan Đập Thuỷ Điện Bonneville | Chỗ Nhân Giống Cá | Thác Multnomah | Bonneville Dap | Fish HatChery | Multnomah Falls in Oregon

👄 Hi everybody !
My name is HangVu. Welcome to my channel. This video I do my best to show that Oregon so beautiful. Lets show people the beauty of this state . Join me on my exploration of these wonderful places. I will show you where to live and where not to live. I will tell you where to stay away from and where it is relatively safe to visit.
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