April 2, 2023

32 thoughts on “Cranberry Stuffed Game Hens – "Micro Turkeys" with Walnut & Cranberry Stuffing

  1. Chef John: "Why are we eating all of these old chickens when the young ones are so delicious?"
    Me: ['That fully explains my female preferences]

  2. My wife loves thanksgiving turkey so I make it year round. I just do the breast, cut in half, pounded flat to make two roulades stuffed with sausage stuffing (one goes in freezer) to keep the volume of turkey manageable

  3. I LOVE dried cranberries….I always put lots of them in my stuffing….I've done this many times
    And game hens do ..at least to me taste like turkey to me,….kinda…lol

  4. This is a damn fine recipe! I just made this dish today and I can't say enough good things about. Perfect for 1 or 2, Moist, Delicious and oh so tasty ! Love it, will put this in my keeper's! Thanks, Chef John.

  5. Thank you for such a wonderful and easy to follow recipe. Results have been consistent and wonderful each time.

  6. I cooked two of these micro turkeys yesterday for my mother and I. I must say they worked out great, but be careful if you attempt to stuff the birds only 15 minutes after adding the boiling stock to the bread, it is still very warm on bare fingers. Thanks for the idea Chef John.

  7. Hi Chef! I absolutely want to do this for Thanksgiving this year. I will have eight guests. Should I put all eight birds in the oven at 400? Will the cooking time increse much over one hour?

  8. 5:40 just drink the sauce Chef John. Don't think about it, just do it. You will NOT regret it, I did it and I've never looked back.

  9. Help, I need to roast 12 of these for a dinner party. Thinking I may have to use two roasting pans on two different racks. If so where should the racks be positioned in the oven and should I switch the pans half way through. I will be deboning them and they will be stuffed …I suppose that the cooking time will increase significantly due to the number of birds so I need a ball park roasting time so they're not either a burnt offering or still strutting around the oven when the guests arrive. Thank you so much for your awesome recipes and great teaching style.

  10. You seem so genuinely sweet and funny, you make me want to try everything you create-and I hate cooking! Thanks for the friendly inspiration, you're awesome! Ps. Love mircoturkey…hilarious!

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