May 28, 2023

35 thoughts on “Cory Booker Resists “Testosterone Urge” To Punch President Trump

  1. Tim Obama was extremely weak. He was elected twice because people bought into the hope he'd bridge the race gap. Instead he destroyed race relations.

  2. Trump would whoop Whorey Hooker's a$$!! Trumps from NY and when that dude charged Trump he was gonna give him the Right hook of doom so Hooker wouldn't stand a chance!!

  3. Sorry Tim your full of shit about Obama he wasn't "tough" he had everything from the media to businesses support him and even then he was weak kneed and never showed strength unless bending backwards for other countries is your idea of "tough"

  4. In Germany we call Booker's behavior : große Klappe, nichts dahinter.
    Roughly translated. Big mouth, no brains/ muscles

  5. Try it you stupid tool. Secret Service on duty 😊🇺🇸. Another point: you are an elder-shamer!! I am appalled!! Just sick

  6. The left believe in toxic masculinity for the same reason they don't want people to own guns…….

    They are scared of their own urges, they lack self control, and they project their own feelings onto others.

  7. Just his half negro side showing, yup, punch an old man, what a ghetto punk ! But Trump would probably drop Booker with one punch.

  8. Booker is soft as ice cream on a hot summer day. Dude needs his ass whooped. That is all. Hes like one of those little dogs that bark alot…

  9. I'm not voting for this guy. He reinforces heteronormative tropes within patriarchal political discourse. So not woke😛

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