March 24, 2023

36 thoughts on “Chicken Little – Semi-Boneless Roast Game Hen

  1. Smh, woe is me…I hate the word "carcass" in food prep videos. #WannaMakeSomeoneAVegetarian? Use the word Carcass when preparing a meal. #InstantlyGetsSick DamnIt

  2. "…or whether you make this for that certain special someone on Date Night…when you're trying to get lots of compliments …"

  3. This was posted on my wife's birthday. Which reminded me that she is a culinary arts grad who's claim to fame is that she can debone an entire game hen without tearing the skin!
    Also the presentation, while beautiful, mandates I suggest you image search the word "plumbus".

  4. That is such a beautiful presentation. I am so doing this. By game hen, do you mean Cornish hen? I’m going to place this smack in the middle of a pile of celery root mashed. TY

  5. i did this with a regular chicken – shaved down the breast a tad – and it turned out fantastic – best roast chicken i have done….what a great technique – thanks CJ

  6. Awsome job chef John….any suggestions for me im trying to do this for my residents at an independant living facility….any other accompaniments other than farro? And possible cooking methods ? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated..thanks

  7. By the way, Compound butter make letting your steak rest far easier, make some and after you grill some steak top it with a bit and let it melt over.

  8. Not a school trained chef, but once you separate first bit of the thigh bone from the meat if you use the back of the knife its easier and dont lose any meat.

  9. 10:04 "…when you're trying to get LLLL-Lots of compliments"… who're you foolin? I know what that L word was! LOL

  10. I've got a busy day at work today. It's 10:10AM and I'm on my 7th Food Wishes video this morning. Someone send help

  11. "I THINK" is how you tell a child "I DID NOT" post a video on…. Mirepoix Braised Farro…. We are still waiting, and love you!

  12. Wow this recipe worked out well! This wasn't easy but the end result was definitely worth it. Thanks for sharing! Added a fair amount of green onions to the compound butter and it worked out great.

  13. Made it last night and it came out so amazing! Ended up baking for a couple minutes more and broiling for about 90 seconds for the skin. Put it on top of whole-wheat couscous flavored with the juices of the chicken little, with roasted veg. So great! Definitely making it again in the future.

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