March 26, 2023

Canon’s new 4K fixed-lens video cameras | XA50, XA55 and XA40 first look

In this video, Kriss provides a quick first look at Canon’s trio of recently announced fixed-lens camcorders, the XA50, XA55 and XA40. He discusses the headline specs and where each camera sits among Canon’s current 4K fixed-lens line-up.

Over the past couple of years, Canon has slowly refreshed its fixed-lens camera offering to include models that are now capable of acquiring 4K footage. Today’s announcement ties that newly updated product line together, with the XA40 and XA50/55 occupying the entry-to-mid-level market.

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25 thoughts on “Canon’s new 4K fixed-lens video cameras | XA50, XA55 and XA40 first look

  1. Could you film yourself with the XA 40 / XA 50 with these camcorders? You only find footage on YouTube where people film outside some squirrels or landscapes. Would be great to see some footage like this scene, where the camcorder is filming a person. Is it a good camera for YouTubers?

    Another question: There is no App for these camcorders. Will it auto-focus and find your face, or do you need someone behind the cam to adjust everything?

  2. XA50 records 4K at 30fps. I know that because I was gifted one and it's still new in the box. A $2200 camcorder because everybody dropped camcorders in the 90s. In the 80s they were like smartphone at a soccer game.

  3. we need to revolutionate the camcorder market: live upload to icloud for clips and photos, large sensors, robust low light performance, easy share option for facebook, wassap etc, good quality lenses, massive optical zoom, smaller sizing, improved battery etc

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  7. The market for these must have dimished massively. Not good enough for pros and enthusiasts will choose mirrorless cameras. Canon's business decisions are among the strangest in the industry.

  8. Almost the same features as you´ll get in a Fuji X-T3 – but the Fuji lacks the nice carry handle and the fixed lens of the Canon Camcorder.

  9. Pointless video cameras 🤷🏼‍♂️ technology is also rubbish. Autel evo drone can video 4K at 60 fpm and it’s 10 bit.

  10. The line-up looks good, just a quick question do these camcorders have a lanc port, I have an older consumer grade S- series canon and find for tripod work the wired remote to be essential

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