June 1, 2023

17 thoughts on “Canon Zoemini S IVY Cliq+ INSTANT CAMERA review vs INSTAX vs Kodak Smile

  1. My review of Canon's first instant camera, the Zoemini S / IVY Cliq+
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  2. Seems fun. But as an analog nerd its tough to get past the fact that Instax is actual film, with chemicals, where as this is just a print. Might still get it since instant cameras are a blast.
    The review was great as always!

  3. btw:
    What is Zoemini S = 8mp = 0000 x 0000 jpeg pixel numbers? (3:2) or (4:3)?! (WiFi+Flash)
    What is Zoemini C = 5mp = 0000 x 0000 jpeg pixel numbers? (3:2) or (4:3)?! (Flash)

    generally, i don't print, unless printing on full-fledged larger-paper printers
    and much prefer to preview on an editor, like Lr mobile or PhotoEditor or Snapseed, tweak it prior to sharing (jpegs or hardcopy prints)
    so, using a mini-SD memory is a norm for any Zoemini S/C (CLIQ+/CLIQ)

    afaik, zoemini zink printers are lower-rez than built-in zink printers of both zoemini S + C cameras

    since one can generate digital jpegs for sharing, others can print jpegs on whatever other printers they want, even on non-zink printers.

  4. I love your reviews and always trust them. Every year for the last 12 years, I have gone a cycling tour for 6 months somewhere in the world. I am always looking for a fun gift to give people I meet along the way that is easy to carry. This might be just the thing. I would probably only go for the printer but being able to give people I meet and stay with, say in a small Ecuadorian pueblo, an actual photo could be a very special gesture. $100 and 6 oz would't break the bank or add too much weight to my already bulging packs. Thanks, Gordon, and keep up the good work!

  5. does the app have any Lomography filters? I really want a instant cam that is capable of adding vignette, black and white, etc.

  6. Hi Gordon, was given a polaroid snap as it was not working correctly. A firmware update sorted most of the issues. It has a tripod bush and SD card. It will still take photos if it doesn't have paper installed. Has a photo booth feature that crams 4 images onto one print. Uses 2×3 inch zink paper and prints in colour, b&w and "vintage". The pop-up viewfinder (also the on/off switch) is dire, battery life terrible and printing is erratic, lots of whirring but sometimes no print. Need to press the back of the camera to ensure a print. No associated app so no printing from other sources. So fun to use as it was free (except for the paper) but don't think I'd buy one regardless of manufacturer.

  7. Amusing but not something that would 'excite' me enough to spend the money on this or any other brand, that said though I am sure that there is a market for this kind of device as a "fun toy". Although you may get a few negative comments from some people because it "isn't real photography" or another such view, it is good for you to review kit like this if only for people to understand what this kind of device is. The other aspect of this quite apart from the diversity of approaches that photography has become, is to speculate how in a falling market for 'conventional' cameras, manufacturers like Canon are exploring other and potentially mass market camera formats. All the best Gordon 🙂

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