July 7, 2022

Canon T7i (800D) in 2019 – WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY

Canon T7i→

The Canon T7i is a substantial step up from the Canon T7 and the little brother to the Canon 80D. It provides a robust all around shooting package for both photos and videos, along with modern features such as articulating touch screen and dual pixel autofocus. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist the canon t7i is a great budget camera for anyone.

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20 thoughts on “Canon T7i (800D) in 2019 – WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY

  1. your audio is so low. I saw another one of your videos and I have to turn my volume almost all the way to max just for you to be loud lol.

  2. thanks for the review, one question, how did you get the "Teal – Orange " look on the video, the SKY was teal, was that something you can set on the camera or it was on post-production? thanks!

  3. I used this for my sports photography in high school and it worked perfectly! I just tweaked some presets and made it worked like a dream.

  4. One is missing from your comparison between t7i/800d and 80d that 80d has headphone jack for monitoring audio that captured when t7i doesn't have…

  5. Just grabbed one a few weeks ago for a great price. Love it so far though to be honest I’ve found auto to be a tad bright and have used P mode a lot more.

    Any recommendations on lenses that won’t break the bank?

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