December 5, 2022

Canon SL3 hands on review and test (250D /EOS 200D II )

We spent a week testing the new Canon EOS Rebel SL3 (USA) / EOS 200D MkII (Australasia) / EOS 250D (Europe), Canon’s latest beginner DSLR – how did this small DSLR camera perform and is it the perfect beginners camera?

► EOS Rebel SL3 / 200DII / 250D :

Video recorded with the following gear
► Canon 80D :
► Manfrotto tripod :
► Rode mic :
► Rode USB mic :


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50 thoughts on “Canon SL3 hands on review and test (250D /EOS 200D II )

  1. Hey most important question here: can I use the ring on the lens to manually focus while looking through the viewfinder? How’s the OIS with the default lens?

  2. Thanks, That's a great review. But I have some questions,

    how much time able to taking video I mean how long?

    Are you prefer this camera taking long time video?
    Basically, I find the best camera for taking long time video.

  3. Thank you so much for your amazing, extensive reviews! you go into so much detail about each piece of equipment and it’s really easy to understand what you’re talking about. I’m quite advanced with technology but i find it’s all very confusing when I’m trying to learn from other videos so I’m very glad I’ve found your channel.
    I’m currently looking into new DSLR camera as I currently have a canon power shot sx530 which has been fab for what I’ve wanted to do the last few years and has such great image quality, but I want to upgrade now to something more professional as I work with dogs and cats for a living and want to start in pet photography, so these videos have really helped me understand the cameras and what settings are best for different scenes 👍🏼

  4. Great review! I am however torn between the Canon M50 and this 200D II. Which do you think is the better one for a beginner and why? Thanks.

  5. Sir, i want to record long time video apporx. 5-6 hours continuously, is this camera support me that limit? Can i use Battery grip in this camera? I want record kirtan(religious hare krishna song). If i can, Longtime recording can produce over heating? What ur advise for me? Now i capture my video in mobile mi a2, its backup me 2 hours. Sir please help me what is best for me? Thanks

  6. I am a beginner and considering to buy DSLR. There are rumors on the net that Canon is about to launch 90 D , upgraded version of 80 D . 80 D is much loved by enthusiasts and semi-pro DSLR . It is a great choice for those who could not afford full frame Canon cameras. Obviously 80 D is an expensive model and upcoming 90D will cost more than 80 D . Previously I was thinking that I should go either for 80 D or 200 D . Then Canon has launched 200 D mark 2 . Now rumors are again indicating that Canon is going to launch 90 D . I want a good Canon DSLR that supports today's need and I don't want to regret for at least few more years. Given these scenarios would you please suggest which model should I buy — 200 D mark 2 ( already launched ) or 90 D ( going to be launched soon , I guess) ?

  7. Sir,,Is it best for songs video making? 200d mrk ii… Which lens is good for this? I'm from India… Best lens for video..200d m2 .. I need background blur lens and no crop

  8. The video shots actually convinced me NOT to get this as an inexpensive extra B-roll camera to my 80D and C100MkII. Sometimes I crave a third angle for 2 or 3 headed interviews and the like. The 80D/C100 splice together fairly nicely in post with minimal colour correction (provided I lower sharpness, contrast and saturation in the 80D). The video image on this looks hyped and miles away from the 80D so probably won’t cut it. Should probably look out for a used 80D body.

  9. Can I record and live stream simultaneously from canon 200d mark 2. Will the recoding function will not be displayed on the HDMI output which I will be streaming. Will there be heating issues if the streaming and simultaneous recording is of 2-3 hours

  10. Thanks Paul
    Putting this as a serious contender, never used Canon before just one of those never got to try one.

    Just watched a vid on Adapter, Speedbooster, teleconverters and extension tubes from Dave McKeegan. He missed out reversing rings.
    Have you done a similar vid in the past?
    I think he did it a bit fast for a "Beginner improver" like me ..

  11. Great review, brother 👍🏻 I was torn between the 200d and the M50 for my travel photos, went mirrorless in the end, got the 15-45 kit lens and the 22mm pancake, see how I go in Sicily in a couple of weeks. Great channel, excellent information 👍🏻👍🏻

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