July 7, 2022

Canon RP Ultimate Review Test Footage and Images

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Today I’m going to review the #canon #rp. This is Canon’s entry level full frame mirrorless camera and offers 4k video.

I’m going to review the RP for both photography and video and will be looking at the various features and functions this full frame Canon mirrorless camera offers.

I’ll cover the RP’s ergonomics, autofocus, sensor and processor, battery life, resolution, framerate, 4k, time lapse, enhanced audio options and a lot more!

I will also bring up some areas where Canon could have made some better choices.


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43 thoughts on “Canon RP Ultimate Review Test Footage and Images

  1. ⭐️ Best price for the Canon RP: Body only (black): https://geni.us/canon-rp (affiliate)

    What's up everyone?! What did you think about the Canon RP review? If you have any questions or comments,, drop them in the comments section and I’ll try to help and include them in future videos.

    The RP is a very good full frame mirrorless camera – with a few interesting twists. I was very happy with the image quality and the footage, I love the clean HDMI out and the new audio features. Was there too much detail? Not enough? What did you like, and also, what did you not like? What would you like to see more of? Would love to know what you think, good or bad. I am grateful in advance 🙏

  2. I’ve been agonizing over whether to get the RP or save up for the R. After seeing this I think I’ll just get the RP for now and see how it goes. Thanks! (Side note: I’m also from Cleveland and it was fun to see locations I recognize in this video ha)

  3. The best video on the EOS Canon RP! I just purchased this camera and while waiting for it, I did see other videos. Those videos had me concerned that maybe, I made a wrong choice. But, after seeing this video, I am excited all over again. What is the name of that app you use on your phone? And what picture style do think is the best? I am used to using a mark iii and love that camera. I was going to purchase on, then, I saw this camera. I was feeling like I am downgrading, because I use the mark iii for weddings. I do understand that the battery life is not the best. I will have to get back to on that. Anyway, great video with great information that no one is really taking about. Thanks in advance!

  4. I just did a straight swap from 6D mark II to the RP (both used…from a FB Marketplace Ad). I must say I really enjoy using the RP

  5. Thanks for a very useful video. I have had my RP since March and love it, my first full frame. Your video open my eyes for better use of the camera. Thank you a lot. Best regards from Norway. Øyvind

  6. Great review on the EOS RP! 🙂 I'm currently owning the 200d and eyeing on the RP but hesitant of getting one because of lacking of 1080 24p. Any advise / work around for it? I was thinking of just switch it to PAL and shoot at 25p.
    Keep up the great work! 🙂

  7. Hi I used 5100 nikon for 7 years now. I want to upgrade to full frame one. I trek a lot. So I want a cam which gives good quality images like high end dslr and is portable. Will eos rp make the cut for such requirements or should I go for 6d or 5d for ensuring good quality images?

  8. Great review, I have a question. This camera lacks image stabilisation for manual focus shooting. Is it easy to use vintage lenses on it? What kind of features does it have to assist the photographer for that purpose?

  9. This is a great video. Very informative and clear. Really appreciate finding this. I think you have helped me decide the RP over the 77d or the EOS R. I plan to watch other videos you made as well. Thanks

  10. Thanks for the great info. I have a question. I'm interested in the Canon RP but not in the native lenses .. too expensive for now. I have one great EF & also great EF-S lenses. I was disturbed to hear at 13:00 that photos would be limited to 3888×2592 – a resolution lower than my current, old 50D. So now I'm back to wondering .. are all the great features of the RP a good enough reason to buy – even with the loss of resolution?? Comments welcome please! And what are my alternatives? Thanks.

  11. You deserve way more subscribers and views my friend , you cover so much in your reviews , and also cover things that often get info missed by a lot of other reviewers that also matter to the average camera person..
    Well done .

  12. Torn between rp, R and sony a7iii

    I mainly do videos for restaurant reviews and now some recipe videos

    For video i think in specs sony is the winner but I am afraid of color that comes out of the a7iii Camera, i currently have t7i and sl2, I do not edit colors in post ( I honestly prefer not) , and I am happy with the colors unedited with my current gear.

    I havent seen unedited non raw files from sony a7iii though

    Between rp and R my max budget is around 2.1k dollars

    With Rp I can get body and 24 to 70 ( kit)
    With R I can only get the body and use my ef and efs lens
    But they both do not have built in video stabilization ( which my t7i has) which I need bec I shoot handheld 50% of the time

    My lens are 50mm 1.8 18 to 55 kit, 24mm 2.8

    My reason for upgrade is I think full frame with some video capabilities

    I do photography ( hobby only)

    I am happy with video 4k with 60fps
    Or 1080 with 60 fps

    Or should I wait 1 to 3 yrs?
    Sorry main problem is budget constraint.

    Thanks awesome video makes me want to choose R or Rp again…

  13. Hey loved the video….I really need your help
    I have budget for only one camera body and 1 lens…..which will mostly be a 35mm prime….. which camera body would you recommend? A7iii or Nikon z6 or Eos R/RP…. please…it would be really helpful… The other option would be a6400 with all sigma 1.4 lenses…. Any help would be really amazing ❤️

  14. Hey sir, great video once again. I want a new camera, for filming. I would put the videos on youtube but I want the capabilities for a professional look. Was considering eos r, rp, m50 and the gh5s. I currently have a t4i and I am looking to upgrade. Can spend 4k but prefer not to and I prefer Canon. Any suggestions?

  15. Enjoyed your balanced review. I upgraded from 70D to the RP (instead of the 6DII) and overall I am happy for my photography. Every gear choice has it's compromises.

  16. A nice review created with real video and photo footage! I must admit that I was happy to hear no whining like on some other You Tube channels too. Love the ease of use and reliability with my Canon camera's. With my current M50, I am looking to upgrade to Full Frame.. since I do not enjoy the low light performance. Do you recommend that I keep the M50 for sports photography and videography? Also, as a commercial photographer… a feature that's not widely discussed is that the Eos RP has focus bracketing vs the Eos R that doesn't have it as yet. I think that is a real game changer for product photography and the like… would appreciate your thoughts.

  17. I watched tons of reviews about the RP and no one else ever mentioned that the RP could record 1080p videos at 25 fps. I don't understand why it's such a big deal that it doesn't do 1080p at 24 fps, I'm sure most people couldn't even tell the difference between 24 and 25 fps. Great review!

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