April 16, 2021

Canon RP Review – The Imperfect Homerun – It’s Weaknesses & Main Strength

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Canon RP

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38 thoughts on “Canon RP Review – The Imperfect Homerun – It’s Weaknesses & Main Strength

  1. Many good points Michael. Can i add one point ? From a Canon street photography POV; Canon RP+35mm IS is the best combo in the FF 35mmF2 world, the best replacement for a 6D Classic+35mm IS, lighter and cheaper than other brands counter part btw… No fanboy here , i'm an X100 series shooter 😀 …

  2. Interesting perspective. I was in the comments section of a other video and couldn't articulate why I was uninterested in the Nikon Z and at the same time would never sell the two bodies I have. Except to say on the D500 I've fallen in love with it and the 20/1.8, as well as, D850 with their 70-200e. Both are magical experiences for me.

    The Z can't give me anything I dont have. Now the Canon I'm looking at the 28-70 and super intrigued from the rendering people are capturing. I'm not looking at it to replace anything I have (both are special and cover additional duties like sports) but rather give me something new. As you say, these things are just tools.

    They'll never be a perfect camera.

  3. Great video and thank you for the info. QUESTION. I am VERY close to getting the RP with the Canon 35mm f2.0 USM lens, would this be a high-end starting point for portraiture and food photography? I'll eventually expand to getting the Tamron 24 – 70mm F2.8 Di VC USD G2 Lens.
    And would this be a big quality improvement with the image quality from my Canon 600D

  4. I’m considering the RP as a backup to our 5D Mark IV. We currently have a 70D as a backup but it would be nice to go full frame and mirrorless. My wife wants something small and light to carry about more. She doesn’t care about high frame rates or some of the other shortcomings, and the RP seems like the cheapest and best option given we don’t have to buy lenses…the killer to me is that we also shoot some video and not having 24p with DPAF is annoying! Do you think Canon will ever release a firmware update to add this? It would be so dang easy for them to do! Like what on earth Canon???

  5. The biggest problem with the Canon RP as a portrait camera is the maximum shutter speed of only 1/4000, and on top of the it's EFCS and thus bokeh will be affected at ss of 1/2000 and above, severely limiting it's use with fast lenses.

  6. Michael thanks for making this Vid 👌so I have a good question is RP OR R FOR landscaping and portrait enthusiast. I like to upgrade from my Canon 7D

  7. Very good video man, Subscribed to your channel, finally today I’m receiving my Canon RP, and definitely after so many reviews and videos watched, is the perfect mirrorless not expensive camera for photography not videography.

  8. As I wrote before in YouTube – this camera is a very good option for a Rebel series shooter (like myself). It will give better AF in single shot (Rebel cams are not capable of more than single shot anyway), more AF points and distribution, the ease of EVF, way better low light performance, shallower DoF if I desire so, no crop factor on the EF lenses and all of that for about $1k if you buy it during a discount period. Even the batteries are the same and the buttons/layout/menus are similar, so no learning curve. No other brand or model offers me such a significant upgrade at a price like that.

  9. Actually love this review . I think your logic makes great sense . I rarely shoot action sports, I do not shoot a lot video (issues maybe fixed with a magic lantern update?). But for someone like me who shoots most vacation/travel photography and causal portraits the Canon RP sounds like a great deal and add canon reasonably priced high quality glass this is a great full frame deal. If your my kind of shooter. Also with the crazy prices on Sony A7II with kit lens at 1000.00 at would be another choice of my kind of shooter. Although A7II has better 1080p video .

  10. you and your comment section seem like a dwindling bunch of canon fanboys. But you do make that good color science argument about spending less time color correcting. But is it worth it though? How much less actually? You can achieve better results overall with a sony a73, with a better lens selection and much, MUCH more versatility. I dont think there are many photographers and creatives in general who do one thing and one thing only. And people always forget about the level of color and contrast customization that sony offers with its picture profiles. So i really doubt the validity of this " home run claim". Being half decent at one thing is far far from home run. It is time for people accept that canon is way behind playing catch up ant theres very little reason of giving them our money. I did.

  11. In the "RP", I am pretty sure that the P stands for photography, or more accurately Portrait photography. I absolutely agree: if you are shooting people, this is probably the best bang for the buck, that can be purchased on the market. The R and the A7iii are also good options, but they are significantly more pricey, and they don't give too much additional features when it comes to portrait photography.
    I absolutely agree with Canon color science: I used to shoot Sony (A7ii) for an entire year, before coming back to Canon (now I use the R for my work), and it always took me more time to edit my photos. Now, every time I apply my presets (which are made specificially for Canon btw), I always say: "wow, okey this is pretty much done". Never had that feeling with Sony in hundreds of portrait shoots.

  12. I haven't felt the need to update cameras in so long, and my camera is from 2012! but I still like being up to date on cameras

  13. Thanks Michael, you always point to unnoticed details.
    However, in this case no need to find any, It is only a cheap mirrorless cameras for Canon's lens owners and fanboys, for the rest it is crippled camera.

  14. I am left eye dominant. Occasionally I shoot wedding and events.
    Thinking should I get the Canon RP to replace my 80D as my main camera.

    (Some will said, those camera not for pro job as only 1 card slot.)

  15. Really fantastic info M…. 👍🏻 love your channel … your videos are incredibly informative and helpful before purchasing a new piece …thanks

  16. I think you did a great job with this. I look at Canon by itself and they do a good job with many things, but when compared to others, then people get disappointed. If you let Canon stand alone and look at their offerings, I find that Canon does build nice bodies and great lenses. I believe, myself included, we hold every brand under the microscope. If we take a step back, using our skills, almost any brand that is chosen will work for us. We get caught up in technology vs what is the right tool to use that works for us..

  17. The eye af detection only works if your close to your subject so it won’t work on full body shots.. but you can use face detection in live view on a dslr for full body shots. So wouldn’t the dslr be a better option for full body shots for portraits and weddings?

  18. I bought the RP with the RF 24-105 F4 L a few days after it came out. I'm also left eye dominant. I love this camera ( I traded a T4i and 18-135 kit lens). It isn't perfect, but then I'm not a pro or a wannabe pro, just enjoy photography!

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