February 20, 2020

Canon RF Lenses 15-35mm & 24-70mm | First Look

Join Photographer Vanessa Joy as she goes hands one with the Canon RF 15-35mm f2.8 L IS USM &
Canon RF 27-70mm f2.8 L IS USM

As well as shows the Canon RF 70-200mm f2.8 L IS USM

Get yours here!

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27 thoughts on “Canon RF Lenses 15-35mm & 24-70mm | First Look

  1. The bodies will catch up with Canon, they don’t tend to rush things (even when we want them to). But, their RF glass is just brilliant. I have the R and to be honest, I didn’t like it that much when I got it. Being left eye dominant, my nose spends a lot of time adjusting the touch auto focus for me (meaning that I tend to stick with the dials instead)! However, it’s really grown on me. It isn’t a 1DXii, but it is certainly good enough to take some fantastic images – particularly now the new 1.4 firmware is on it. The fact that they are putting out such lenses means that they are obviously developing the professional bodies that are going to come along at some point. I would much rather they got the lenses ‘right’ than the bodies ‘right’ now, as they won’t probably update these lenses for around 10 years (except the EF 50 1.4, which is like 1000 years old!) Camera bodies tend to update faster between 2 and 4 years across the brands, from what I can tell.

  2. Oh well done Canon. I've been shooting Canon since I started Art College in 1965 (Graphic Design & Photography Course) .. I am so blown away with the latest Canon glass lenses for the EOS R .. I am so looking forward to their next mirrorless camera, the next step up from the EOS R .. It will be coming soon, and the photo world will change forever. 🙂

  3. I went from a Canon 5Dlll to a Sony A7r lll, because Canon waited to long to go mirrorless, with modern technology, and they are still behind with there focusing system, but the size of that new Canon 70/200 f2.8 is so cool, can't wait for all three of these lenses to be reviewed, and I wish someone would do a really good test between the new Canon and Nikon and Sony lenses. all the ones that are similar in focal range and f stop.

  4. 1:02 its super crisp and sharp. on a small screen. but what is it in big? the whole vdeo is just a commercial for canon. nothing else

  5. Canon should bring the pro level Mirrorless camera body first. They already have Pro level EF lenses which can be worked well with adapter. They are always behind in the competition.

  6. Vanessa, great video as always. I wish you would have zoomed out the 70-200 lens at 2:25. I just wanted to see how it looks while extended.

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