January 18, 2021

Canon RF 85mm f1.2L vs EF 85mm f1.2L ii

The RF is a VERY impressive performer – but it comes at a big size, weight and cost disadvantage!

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RF 85mm f1.2L
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The EF 85mm f1.2l ii
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The Canon EOS R Mirror less camera
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Canon 5Div DSLR
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B&H Photo:

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34 thoughts on “Canon RF 85mm f1.2L vs EF 85mm f1.2L ii

  1. Thanks to LensProToGo for the rental. Get 15% off using the code gearout15 at: https://geni.us/LPTG

    Check out the Workshops: https://mattgranger.com/london

    RF 85mm f1.2L
    Rent at LensProToGo: https://geni.us/TP5BRpU
    At Amazon worldwide: https://geni.us/RF85
    At BH Photo: https://bhpho.to/2Nsw4hR

    The EF 85mm f1.2l ii
    Rent at LensProToGo: https://geni.us/nW3ZWTG
    At Amazon worldwide: https://geni.us/EF85ii
    At BH Photo: https://bhpho.to/2NA8eRw

    SAMPLE FILES: https://mattgranger.com/gear-talk/item/1186-canon85

  2. I've been back and forth from my new Canon and old Canon L lenses for almost a year now, as much as I stated the new lenses are amazing and how they were my favorite lenses before and how I haven't touched my old L lenses for months, I think that was just my excitement over something new, I think I'm over the tack sharp, high contrast, and low saturation images. Photography styles are a trend, but these lenses don't give you the flexibility as the old lenses did. For example, you can play with how the golden hour flares into your image with old lenses. If you don't want the flare, you can use the hood or try to avoid that direction of light. CA, depending on the color and how it works with your overall images can give you a more pleasing, life-like, and colorful rendering. If you don't want the CA, you can remove it in ACR/Lightroom. But without any flaring or CA to work with when you want it there, it's missing a lot of your tools you had before of how your want the final image to look. You just can't add that stuff by hand. It's time-consuming and added digitally, it doesn't look real and doesn't have the same impact. There is a place for both types of rendering, but for my personal taste, the old L lenses by a long shot.

  3. I think it would be interesting to try EF 85 F/1.2 with the adapter on EOS R, on this mirrorless camera I assume it is much easier to nail focus wide open. As I have the lens ordered (used for less than USD 1000) I can try this very soon.

  4. Nice review but boy do I wish you didn't use auto white balance and instead set them to matching Kelvin. Apples to apples. All other settings were matched so should wb

  5. I didn't watch the video yet but let me guess.. " OH my GAWDDD IT IS SOOOOO MUCHHH SHAHHHPAAAAAAA". I am so very tired of the lack of nuanced, and left brained way of looking at things.

  6. “The angry Sony army….”

    Guess what? Sony ergos aren’t the best. Add a grip and it’s vastly better, but is what it is and if the fanboy faction can’t deal with it, screw them. For me I’ll deal with lesser ergonomics for the better system and is really that simple.

  7. Thank you for your video!
    EF 85mm 1.2, now you can buy in the secondary market for $ 1,000 or less. And this is the best picture in the world for this money! Just think that RF 85mm with the same pattern will cost you three times as much) Why do you need this?)

    Yes, the focusing speed is higher, and weather protection, but is it worth such an overpayment? =)

  8. if i were to use EOS R with any of the new Canon OEM RF fast L tele-primes or newer-generation Canon OEM EF fast L super-tele-lenses (primes or zooms) with or without Canon EF2.0x III/EF1.4x III tele-extenders, i'd really prefer having the optional added OEM Vertical Battery Grip for EOS R for better ergonomic control and balance (landscape orientation + portrait orientation)

    otherwise, for me, when shooting mostly WA+UWA RF+EF Lenses, for fast and ultra-deep dof: there's no need for added vertical battery grip

    with such fast RF lenses, there's never any need for image stabilization, unless one has very poor not-so-steady handholding skills
    most experienced skilled dSLR shooters using OVF quickly learn to shoot very steadyhanded @ 4/FL, 3/FL, and 2/FL, not just 1/FL!

    too many inexperienced "mirrorless-only" (live-view-only) ILC non-canon shooters do not get the instantaneous optical feedback available only on OVF of dSLRs to hone better handholding skills.

    Typical non-canon "mirrorless-only" ILC EVFs massive timelag is so disorienting for those non-canon shooters using only laggy live-preview end up handicapped with crippled handheld mis-timing = which IBIS alleviates only partially, because shutterspeeds on non-canon MILCs are often pushed unnecessarily slower to allow more light for typically weaker non-canon live-preview sensor autofocus to work (this is known as non-canon ibis-needy MILC syndrome).
    Non-canon mirrorless-only ILC shooters are so re-adjusted (acclimated) to their laggy-live-PAST-preview EVFs, they're oblivious to how poor their handheld skill levels are, which leaves them too dependant on IBIS as a crutch (ibis-needy).

    Canon's EOS 1DXMkII and newer EOS R both feature EXCLUSIVE Full-Live-View Blackout-Free (uninterrupted) dSLR (LCD) or EVF (mirrorless-only) ILC during FULL mechanical shutter high-continuous stills photography shooting, which initially shows laggy-live-PAST-previews (prior to shooting only!) and quickly catapults FORWARD, ahead of any dSLR zero-lag OVF preview, and SHOWS Live-REVIEW ACTUALS!!! (Live-ACTUALs! CAPTURED during shooting! not prior to shooting!)

    This places Canon as the ONLY Full-Live-View Blackout-Free EVF mechanical shutter high-continuous stills photography digital camera mfr offering Full-REVIEW-ACTUALS!!! (exclusivity of SEEING what is actually JUST captured!) = EOS R + EOS RP + EOS M50 …
    = AHEAD of OVF Zero-Lag dSLR cameras (just before capture-only!)
    = many light-seconds AHEAD of others with ONLY LAGGY-LIVE-PAST-PREVIEWS!!! (BACKWARDS-in-TIME "laggy-capture")
    = many light-aeons AHEAD of others hoping to resorting to BACKWARDS-in-TIME "precapture" … might as well just use regular video

  9. The Image Quality does look amazing. However, the main reason I moved to mirrorless was to lose size and weight that I carry around all the time.

  10. Eh, I'd have liked to have seen some wider shots. Full-length, environmental, figure-in-landscape, etc. Can't stand 85mm for this sort of tight shooting; I can't not see the perspective distortion. Full-length is where it's at for an 85mm. Can't find a single person giving examples of that kind of shot though! I'm debating upgrading to the RF from the EF; it was a given it'd be better, but how much better is the question. No rental services in this country are going to have one available for another three months, though, so I can't check these things for a while myself. (Though I did get five minutes with the DS version, but that's quite a different beast.) Ah well, my search continues…

  11. It was a mistake on my part to buy that ef 85 1.2. Sold it and bought used 85 1.8 and 70-200 2.8. Interestingly, i use the zoom telephoto lens more than the prime in real pro events.

  12. Nothing special, needs to have eye auto focus…. and body stability… A Sony would even make this photographer shine!

  13. Those who think that people buy mirrorless for the smaller size, are completely missing the point. The tech inside the mirrorless cameras that dslrs lack, is the attraction.

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