August 13, 2022

41 thoughts on “Canon RF 70-200mm f2.8L preview: EOS R HOLY trinity complete!

  1. This lens is a deal breaker for canon!
    Nikon has to trash the status of development of z70-200 to restart (will they do this?).
    Sony's lens mount is not supporting such kind of lenses at all.
    M-mount alliance is sleeping and prefer thinking of metal housings instead of advanced optics.

  2. I still don't get. Yes mirrorless lenses are smaller but still not small. Still need a bag. Still weigh a ton. Aside from amazing marketing by sony can someone explain the mirrorless obsession?

  3. You just can’t quickly and effortlessly zoom in and out as with older lens, also dust can be issue, not sure pros will be happy with this design choice.

  4. I sold my 70-200 2.8 because size and weight… always at home.
    I sold my 5d4 after holding the R. Size and weight once again…
    So this option sounds very good!
    Only the price is… 😭
    But I would consider it I think

  5. Sadly the extending barrel was definitely a downer… over time, it's a known liability . So, that makes all 3 lenses now have extending barrels. So this has turned me away from seriously considering it for myself.

  6. Great preview, thank you Gordon. I doubt even if this lens catches some dust it'll be visible unless you're shooting at f/22. All lenses have dust, it's inevitable but never a show stopper. The weight and size saving are more important, at least from the "mirrorless perspective". Cheers!

  7. guess RF is never becoming Pro….external zoom for a 70-200 red ring is no go specialy for this price….weather seal is forsure not as good as on the ef versions….

  8. Ok, you pay the price for new stuff, but if it is basically simpler in design, you perhaps would expect the price to be equal or lower than the old lenses. I think a lot a people will continue to use the older lenses on adapters unless the image quality is so superior that you trade in your old lens. Curious what the pictures will look like with this lens.

  9. Perhaps these prices (700 more? Ouch) will come down once more RF lenses are available from third parties. Eg, would love to see a comparable (more affordable) option from Sigma.

  10. Is a marketing move from canon jut to make it like something wow. Is just a regular 70-200 but not internal zoom. Yes saving some weight and size but the weather and dust resistance not so good. If i go to an event or hicking i want my gear to be as weather proof as posible . i mean is not cheap but i see this lens as a choice if canon also make the more tougher internal zoom.

  11. They are doing their best to keep the consumer market out of the R line on cameras and lenses through price politics. But on the other side to my eyes the R is by no means a professional camera either. With the RP you have an affordable version but then the lenses remain unreachably expensive. So you have to adapt old lenses on the crippled old 6D Mark II sensor in the RP ….

  12. They say its dust and moisture proof but I’m personally thinking that external zoom is going to cause problems in the future. Thats just asking for trouble, taking everything into the barrel. The EF version has never let me down, everything is just built for robustness, unlike the RF. Oh, did I mention the price? At $2699, I think my EF ii will do for now 🙂

  13. Thanks for the review. How many turns before you move from 70 to. 200mm? It appears to have as many turns as a consumer lens, yet it costs. a lot. The lens is used also for sports like basketball and needing to turn 1000 times will not help. What about a decisive moment in a wedding?

  14. I would not mind if Canon brought out an adapter to mount it on the old SLR system. Prices of the EF mount would certainly go down and I would be happy to already upgrade to the new system while waiting for a proper camera to come out.

  15. Why are the commenters calling it a dust pump? From other similar Canon lenses I’ve owned, I’d say it’s probably not a dust pump.

  16. The front extendable tube on my brand new RF 24-105 lens rattles like an old truck on a dirt road 😐

    see the video on my channel…I cringe every time I put it on my camera 😭😭😭

    I am interested in this new RF lens, but I don't want another rattle bucket lens; especially not at almost $3 grand.

  17. In a weird way it's like déjà vu all over again!

    One of Blackberry’s biggest failings was being out of step with the market and consumers. An extendable lens as a flagship?

    Seriously what are they doing!!!

  18. I previewed this yesterday at PhotoPlus. It was much better than I thought. Great feel. Smooth zoom. But that size and weight! Amazing! And I know the IQ will be stunning because RF track record thus far. I have EF 100-400 ii with similar mechanics for the external zoom. I abuse it taking it in rain and on beach etc., and is dust a problem? No. It can get visibly dusty but most goes unseen by the camera. It’s not a huge deal. So excited for this!

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