June 1, 2023

48 thoughts on “Canon M50 vs M6 mark ii – 5 Reason to get the M50 instead

  1. Anyone here interested in the new M6 focus bracketing function? With its high speed shooting rate focus bracketing is achievable handheld. I tried it at the store and got some really outstanding macro stacked shots

  2. I have the M6 mk I and the removable evf, I have yet to really need it. With the 22mm F2, it fits in my pocket and goes with me every where.

  3. The problem with the EOS M line is that there aren’t enough lenses available. Sure you can get an EF adapter, which is great, but kind of sucks. Now you have to consider crop factor. I wish Canon would show love, via lenses, to their APS-C models.

  4. it looks like photography has taken a back seat and most midrange cameras and users are pushing for video features . Photography is an art but thats not that true for videographers. I think as using yt, short films etc. ppl can earn money so ppl are more into vlog cameras. For me EVF shooting is the key, a good photography equipment with quick adjustment is the rt. gear for me. Was a nikon dslr shooter, coming to mirrorless genre for size and compactness and weight.

  5. "I should actually just do a video talking about Canon's product lineup and their naming system"

    Yes please it makes no sense haha

  6. Did a dude with only 15.6k subs just shit on a companies (Canon) marketing logic which made them $1,500,600,000.00 in 2018. With over $47,737,671,800.00 in assets. Okay lol.

  7. Great advice as always. When i was beginner i started with a fuji finepix 5600, which was perfect to learn functions and every else involved in photography and i think price was 2-300 dollars, maybe more i don't remember. You can always upgrade your camera later on when you know what you want from a camera and what functions you can't live without. I got a xt2 now, which is alot more expensive but knowing the functionality and features and how to use them makes it all worth it to me and i also take photography alot more serious than when i was 13 and got my first fuji camera. Great video!

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  9. What I like more on M6 is better ergonomics, new way of AF control. Beter AF. Now I’m jus waiting how performs a new sensor. If it will have improvements I will consider vs RP. And Sigma will release 16/30/56 f1.4. On M series it is possible to use speedbooster. So at this moment i see more asvantages over FF like RP.

  10. Hmmm… Love my M50 and all but; I'd take 32mpixels over 24 for cropping-in any day…
    M6 mk2 has C1, C2, M50 has none…
    120fps 1080 beats 120fps at 720p…
    M6 has Better battery…
    Love the full articulated screen on the M50, but not finding it very useful for street photography… M6 flip-up slightly better for candid framing photography in the streets. For vlogging M50 wins though…
    Love the idea of a removable EVF, most time I shoot from the hip, and I don't even use it on the street anyway…

    Still in two minds whether the M6 mk2 or the 90D… or to just wait and see what's coming next. 6Dmk3?… M60?… EOSR5?…

  11. Perfect timing! We are considering buying a refurbished M50. We do appreciate the viewfinder too. Had no idea that image quality was almost the same. Yes, why would they do that?! We would prefer that option. Great video, Ralph.

  12. Hello, thanks for your review, i'm a M6 user, looking for the M6 mk ii and i want to share why i didn't go with the M50 at the time.
    1- The 4K feature of the M50 was really appealing but it was cropped and Dual Pixel Autofocus wasn't working in this mode (while in 1080P it has it… like my M6mk i).
    2- The articulated screen while it's great for many situations, something people doesn't talk about is gimbals, when you use a gimbal, i prefer the rotating io of articulated screen, the balance is easier, and viewing while filming is better in my opinion.
    3- The EVF is a question of tastes but i appreciate the fact i can have it or not, nice for packing and look of the camera.
    4- The price point, i remember when i get the M6 mk i, i got it with a nice bundle at a nice price as the camera was out for a long time. after some time, the M50 price drops too, i guess the same will happen with the M6 mkii. It's hard, only for early adopter.

    I will get the new M6 mk ii because i like that the 4K has DPAF (event if this 4K is oversampling), the high frame rate burst,and the ability to use all i had with the old version.

    Nice vid 👍🏽

  13. I have done a feature comparison between M50 and M6 ii too and came to similar conclusions. I really enjoy the M50 and its SCREEN + EVF with my EF-M32 and EF 4.0 70 200 IS (mark i) + 60 and 100mm macro and I have the best hit rate of all the cameras I used.
    And if I think that price(2 x M50) = price(M6 ii + EVF) I maybe try to get an M50 for ~500 Euro to have a powerful two-camera-setup which reduces the need for changing lenses dramatically.
    And maybe my old EOS M will get a 9mm LAOWA or similar lens for UWA situations.

  14. What are your views on the Canon 200d mark ii?? I am wanting to buy a camera and I can't decide between the 250d mark ii and M50

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