October 6, 2022

Canon Ivy Cliq Camera Printer Review

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) On the surface this might look like a great stocking stuffer. But the reality in execution is anything but.. Yes this is a digital camera that will write images to an SD card (not included). BUT – the camera will not take a picture unless you have the Zink paper loaded in. Every button push prints out a photo at a cost of .50 per shutter activation. If you’re thinking this might be a fun toy for a kid, think again. Printing is not optional.

The 5 megapixel sensor is also very low quality, producing images that remind me of the front sensor one might see on a cheap imported smartphone. Even moderately lit scenes produce lots of noise in dark areas on the digital image, and the printed images are washed out and bland.

What’s worse is that despite having a printer on board it can’t connect up to anything else. There’s no bluetooth for printing out smartphone photographs, and all its onboard USB connection does is charge the camera.

In short this is not worth the purchase. The $160 step up from this one (called the Cliq+) might be worth considering given that it does allow printing from other devices and includes a flash that this device lacks.
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20 thoughts on “Canon Ivy Cliq Camera Printer Review

  1. I appriciate yr opinion but it seems like you are not getting this market that this product is towarded to. Instax sold milions of very similar cameras so it is huge market right now and this camera is just what most of them wants it to be.

  2. That's kinda bs that they dont let you shoot picture without the paper. Total waste. Was thinking about getting one for my little cousin to get her into photography.

  3. $100 to $160 for a shitty little thing that only does one purpose? And you can just go to a Wal-Mart or CVS kiosk and print pics from your phone. No fucking thx. That's just a WASTE of $

  4. afaik, one can save/share jpegs (zink prints are optional)
    works without zink paper
    uses micro-sd card (if no memory card, obviously nowhere to save, except to print from cache)
    your review is flawed, because of unfamiliarity (most digicams at least need a memory card, so a "second shot" isn't possible either!)
    you're guessing in this review.
    any jpeg on sd card is going to look better than a zink print
    any jpeg could be post-process for more creative output

    only a basic question:
    4:3 sensor:
    3:2 + 1:1 zink photo prints
    Zoemini S wi-fi version (CLIQ+) 8mp = 0000×0000 jpeg? 3462 x 2308? 3456 x 2304? … ???
    Zoemini C (CLIQ) 5mp = 0000×0000 jpeg? 2738 x 1826? 2736 x 1824? … ???

  5. I like the idea behind it, I don't like how it prints out were your hand goes
    I wish the veiwfinder wasn't so round. I feel like I'm guessing what will be in the picture
    I wish it came in a wide version
    I'll take pictures with my phone and use this as a printer

  6. I have an HP Sprocket and I actually think that's a better product as most of us already have decent cameras on our phone. Also I don't like the idea that it prints every picture you take which will end up quite expensive.

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