August 9, 2022

Canon G7X Mark II vs G7X Mark III | 4K video review

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27 thoughts on “Canon G7X Mark II vs G7X Mark III | 4K video review

  1. Nice video/review. I also did one on the Sony Rx100 VA vs the G7x iii . The g7x ii is going to be a timepiece for all those early vloggers. Like that the new G7x has 4k but hate that it has a limit and terrible AF.

  2. Dude, thanks for the comparison, I found it interesting… but someone must tell you. You have two choice:

    1) Cut your nails, wolverine

    2) Put some nice polish on and rock them

    But as they are I really found them distracting

  3. There are vloggers posting about returning their g7x iii because of the poor autofocus. Several other more professional camera reviewers (like camera labs) have shown how poor the autofocus is even with a big static face right in the middle on a bright sunny day.

    WTF is wrong with camera companies these days and releasing broken products at launch? It's not like anyone is in a hurry to buy these things or to upgrade to them. There is no yearly cycle like a smartphone or a deadline they have to meet. They are not connected devices that seamlessly receive day one patches. And most of all, it's a CAMERA. it does nothing else. No apps to install. No networks to connect to. No changing hardware. It's self-contained and only has one function. Can't even manage that. It's one and only job.

    Other recent cameras to avoid due to trash autofocus:
    Fuji XF10, X-A5, X-T100
    Ricoh GR III

  4. Seeing your footage on my Mac ánd 4K TV my conclusions are the following. HD on the new camera looks softer (or out of focus? en 4K looks softer (or out of focus?) than HD. Furthermore the autofocus on the new camera (mostly 4K) is worse than on the old one. Could be that the new lens is worse than the old one? So after all these years Canon apparently is not able to give us progression and innovation on the compact cameras. But don't worry; there are better compact camera's out there…

  5. If this had been a blind test I would have picked the mk2. For me the video is much sharper and focused. Autofocus much better on mk2. I don't agree in your comment about blown out white on the dog. A good review but unexpected result.

  6. I have upgraded to mark III from mark I, after several days of testing a reading the manual and some forums here are my observings:

    Advantages or changes over G7x mk1:

    + shooting speed up to 20 FPS RAW+JPG

    + downward tiltable screen

    + powering and charging with USB-C PD
    (charging works from my Lenovo 27" monitor with PD, so it is not exclusive to $190 Canon adapter)
    + bounceable flash

    + timelapse, star sky timelapse

    + better menu system, custom menu not limited to 4 items

    + mic input

    + clean HDMI, not only for playback

    + grip

    + clicky wheel not that loud

    + optional MF override in AF

    + panorama mode

    + 4k video, uncropped

    + added Bluetooth

    Disadvantages against G7x mk1 (all no big issues)
    – no battery indicator for non Canon batteries, warning at start

    – custom timer lost delay setting between shots

    – HDR standard preset produces halo effect at contrast edges

    – missing option to store and name favorite people for face recognition

    – more complex and less robust display

    – slightly bigger

    – removed NFC (at least no NFC logo or mention in user manual)

    General disadvantages
    – charging or powering not possible by any USB charger or power bank, only USB-C with PD supporting 12V (Power Delivery standard) and charges only Canon batteries
    . In manual, there is described an icon showing when camera is powered by usb and also charging the battery, but my on PD power source can do only one thing at a time. But it should be possible.
    – contrast autofocus

    – 100/120 FPS video has no sound, no autofocus and the result is already slowed down

    – video recording limit 10min 4k, 30min FHD, 7min FHD@100/120fps

    – limited FPS selection (no 24p, for others have to switch NTSC/PAL mode)

    Overall I'm happy with upgrade, but as always, the are no perfect devices.

  7. 120mbps for 4K ? Damnnn thats nice! , can you see if it matches well with the XF400? I'm planning to get this for a C-cam simply because of the uncropped 4k, mic and same wideness as the XF400.

    damn the footage on Mk3 look less sharp as well compared to Mk2

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