March 26, 2023

Canon G7X III Review – The Most Competitive Canon

Canon G7X Mark III Review – The Most Competitive Canon
Canon G7 X Mark III –
Rode Wireless GO –
Rode SmartLav+ –
Rode SC3 Adapter –

Shot on:

Sony A7III –
Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Di III RXD –

Some of the JPEGs were lightly edited in Luminar 3
Discount code: THS10

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44 thoughts on “Canon G7X III Review – The Most Competitive Canon

  1. Some of the JPEGs were lightly edited in Luminar 3
    – Discount code: THS10
    Best Travel Cameras 2019 –

  2. Great review,i just got one unit to start for my vlogging.NEWBIE in my favorite hobby,no more video recording on mobile phone😅..thank you😊

  3. hi, i have 0 knowledge about camera but i would like to get 1. Main purpose for photography and vlog, like what usual girls do, hope u get what i mean. So do u recommend me this camera? Thank you.

  4. Very informative. I’m using Canon G7X Mark II to take some videos for my channel now and I was wondering the difference. Thank you very much:)

  5. Sounds good. But I'll still go for a camera on which I can interchange lenses. For this type of functionality, it's better to choose a mid-range phone from China.

  6. You have the most informative and unbiased reviews on YouTube. Can this camera video basketball games in a low light high speed recreation gym of people dunking? Can this camera shoot videos in an indoor low light dance club of people dancing?

  7. I was at Walmart once with a digital camera similar to this in size…and the security/camera guy who works in that little room…came out and told me to stop taking photos of people and Walmart. I don't blame him…in hindsight, I guess I do look a little weird, creepy and suspicious.

  8. Very good review! We are looking for a smaller and lighter setup and this g7X mkIII looks like a pretty solid option!

  9. I always shoot at 1080p
    Did you notice any difference in the autofocus between the 1080 and 4K? How much faster and reliable is the 1080p? Would you recommend overall ?
    Thank you !

  10. Thanks for the great review. The 4K footage seems a bit soft. I've seen the softness on other G7X III reviews as well. Is that because of the focus?

  11. Hello… For me as a scuba diver shooting videos underwater it would be interesting to know how it works to set manual white balance in video mode on that G7X III.

    On the previous Mark II Model you have to take a picture first and then set your white balance according to that picture. So at any change of depth that also comes with a change of light I need to take a picture first and then… Even writing about that takes too much time. So for underwater videography where situations come and go quickly the G7X Mark II was pretty useless.

    I had the Mark I on which I could set manual WB on the Ring Function Button and with pressing two buttons WB was set again. So easy…

    Do you know how this works on the Mark III now?

  12. Best review I have seen! Did Cannon fix the issues with the auto focus grinding noise and dust getting into the lens with the G7X III?

  13. Unbelievable….no 24 fps. This is the reason I no longer am willing to plunk down loads of money on canon products. Every time they release a camera they cripple them with some BS missing component in their software. Heck, they were one of the very last companies to provide 4K video to the consumer – They were selling their $3000+ dslr Mark III with 1080p while Panasonic had their $1400 GH4 or 3 shooting 4K out of the box.
    I will never buy another Canon product again….and I own a t4i and 6D. They have completely lost me as a customer for life with their crap.

  14. The raws are not compatible with editing software???????
    My friend has this camera and edits the raws in photoshop and even lightroom or gimp can do that.
    No idea why youre camera cant seem to do that.

  15. Before I dedicate 13 minutes of my time, has this got a sharp lens yet? …because my II sure didn't. I wound up keeping my old Pentax MX-1, which has the lens from the Olympus XZ-1 and -2. Even with the much smaller sensor, it makes better photos.

  16. I am curious about the effective 4k sensor size comparing this camera with uncropped 4k video on a one-inch sensor against the Lumix G95 which has a larger 4/3 sensor but because of its crop uses only a portion of the sensor.

  17. Wow that rigging of the GO to the screen mechanism is brilliant! Except I just tried it and can't get it under the clip without force.. Did you do anything special? Great review!

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