October 6, 2022

Canon Eos RP Review – Weddings, Family Shootings and Street Photography

Time to look at the cheapest full frame mirrorless camera on the market – how does it compare to the other Canon Cameras like the 6D II and how does it compare to the Sony a7iii? After 30.000 shots taken it is time to take a look at the new full frame camera and how good it really is – let’s go!

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33 thoughts on “Canon Eos RP Review – Weddings, Family Shootings and Street Photography

  1. Thanks for the exellent review, do you know if you can extract photos from the 4k video? Also have you find a way to use ttl flash or you can only use it on manual. thanks again, I really like your style I wish I can do the type of street photography that you do.

  2. I think the flash on the RP was crippled by Canon https://petapixel.com/2019/05/06/godox-flash-firmware-updates-bring-support-for-canons-crippled-cameras/

  3. Thanks for the video, i like the colors of your photos, please give tip to color grade or make a video on color grading..it would be great help..

  4. I think you need to disable continuous focusing in the menu so that the camera will not focus when it is just hanging on the strap.

  5. You can disable exposure simulation so your screen doesn't go dark when you adjust your exposure. Thanks for the battery tip, I will see if mine does that as well.

  6. If you stand in the back waiting, why dont change battery then if you had the time, and the experience that the battery was getting bad really fast. And repeat that for 5 weddings like you said? And why not get original batteries that show you how much juice you got left. Sounds really strange to go cheap on that when you are a "professional" wedding photographer?

  7. Hey man watched your review about the 6d and 6markII now this one. Could you give me some advice whether I should purchase 6d (classic) or this one for still photography. My budget only allows that much so I may be able to afford the nifty fifty and maybe later on buy some more lenses. So which one is better for me for stills? I dont really need video, but of course in this time it would be nice to have slightly more innovative camera, I know 6d classic as bad focus and poor video. So please advice me. Thanks so much in advance I hope you see this.


  8. So advantages of 6dii over rp is better battery when switch on all the time, more consistent workflow in post processing when you have other same camera, familiarity usage with current camera and better ttl for flash. So for casual still shooters (non wedding) that doesn't have any camera now (but do have some shooting experience) and don't do much flash and post processing, will you recommend rp over 6dii? These 2 cameras are in my consideration list.

  9. Over 80K images in the course of 2 months. You much be the type of gun and pray photographer… lol. Mind you the EOS-Rp was not intended design to use as a pro camera. It is fall back on you to learn your new camera and testing your new gear throughly before taken on the big pay rig lol. DON’T BLAME THE CAMERA. It’s can only does it job as best as the person behind its VF . Lol

  10. Hey Janis , wie immer ganz tolles ( emotionales ) Video bitte mach weiter so und dir und deiner Familie alles gute 🙂

    p.s. hab mich nach der der 6dii für die RP entschiedenen wegen dem doofen Video der 6dii ( auf 5k iMac ) jedoch was die RP abgliefert hat hat mich so sauer gemacht das ich alles verkauft habe und woanders hin bin . Finde das ist kein Robustes Werkzeug wo man sich drauf verlassen kann …

  11. Excellent as always; great insights in the the userbility of the RP v's 6D. I would have thought though, you'd more try the EOS R for weddings, as it has the same battery as the 6D series, and is more Pro.

  12. Hahah RP for weddings. Maybe with 20 extra batteries in the bag and if you dont care to loose all photos if the SD card fail.

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