July 29, 2021

Canon EOS RP Review: The Right Camera At The Wrong Time?

The Canon EOS RP is one of the cheapest full-frame cameras you can get for your money in 2019. Featuring the latest technologies from Canon and using the new RF-Mount, the EOS RP certainly has a lot going for it.

But how is it?

We’ll just say this. It’s more suited for photography, than for videography. If you’re looking for the best hybrid camera, look elsewhere. But… if you really want that Canon colors, that Dual Pixel AF, and simply, arguably the best selection of lenses in the world, well, perhaps this might be the next camera for you.

Editor – Bobby Tonelli
Main Camera – Sham Ma’arif
Producer – Soon Kai Hong
Editor – A.Qayyum (@kaienx)

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20 thoughts on “Canon EOS RP Review: The Right Camera At The Wrong Time?

  1. Where I live the 24-105 is not a kit lens for RP. You pay almost full price for the lens. With EOS R you pay 500 $ less for the lense as a kit.
    EOS RP is only for those having EF lenses and nobody else.

  2. suffix all my needs excepts two points….the usual green "shade" when you´re focusing in manual for using old lenses with adaptor and the non existent silent mode in manual for street photo

  3. 3000 dollars for a lens is insane xD i'm sure it's a good lens and hell i'd find so many uses for it, but i just can't justify spending that much.

    i'm thinking about the body though, i have the 6D with the 16-35mm, 24-105mm and 50mm, so i was thinking about switching to the Eos RP…

  4. The reason why Canon released the RP and not a pro camera, is that they do not have the technology developed for a pro body. A high res camera will need IBIS. The slightest camera shake will be magnified with a high MP camera.

  5. The RF 35mm is cheaper than the camera and just phenomenal. Sure it's only one lens up to now, but just for that it's worth buying it already. cheers

  6. No problem shooting a feature film with this camera. Lots of films shot on the 80D. Try to shoot film on the RP a week and grade the footage. You will be blown away. Shoot 1080 and upscale. It will look better than most 4K cams around 2 grand. And I think Canon knows a thing or two about how to launch cameras. Unless the reviewer has a crystal ball.

  7. I liked the chilled out style interview. However in my opinion, as much as this camera has this drawbacks on video. For actual photographers, this is great since… Apart for the dynamic range… It is a pretty solid photography camera as you mentioned and for portraits with the right lenses. The camera has serious advantages for commercial photographers with focus bracketing feature that can make a world of difference for those as a whole to snapping products and the like. So it all depends what we looking for. Prosumer for photos in my opinion and Consumer for video. I mean they should have really kept the dual pixel 4k on video (even without C-log). Kinda sucks esp. since screen monitors going forward would be compatible. However, no confirmation on a firmware update on the EOS R to include focus bracketing should likely steer commercial photographers like myself that specialise in product photography to select this camera admist lower megapixels that the EOS R contains.

  8. its halfway through 2019, i would like to see some of the new lenses. would like to see the f2.8 zooms (the f2 is overkill for me, but i want faster than f4). and im hoping they come out with some affordable f1.8 primes. i don't want to adapt ef lenses. i haven't fully moved to canon mirrorless yet, but i would like to.

  9. The timing of this camera worked great for me. It stopped me from buying an old A7ii. Pro photographers are scratching their heads but regular people like me love this camera.

  10. Sony needs to up it's game . That 28-70 f/2 lens is a beast. Sony should now start to diverge from the standard zooms into making some spectacular zooms.

  11. Congratulations on your channel and this review of the RP. . You have personality and a strong presence in front of the camera. And you speak in a passionate manner which shows you love photography.. So much tumbleweed to be found on youtube, but your channel seems like the real deal.. Good luck.

  12. Nice review, I think I may be the pro-sumer this camera is for. My previous camera was the Cannon 80D. I wanted to go full frame but didn't want to break the bank. I've been really pleased with the RP. I love full frame and I can use my EF lenses. Also I'd rather spend my money going forward with RF glass. The price was right for me and if I want to spend slot of money on RF glass going forward I know I can use that in future Cannon cameras.

  13. I think Canon are attempting a pincer movement on Sony. They're targeting the pros with their high end lenses and promises of a pro body in the future. They've got the budget consumers covered with this cheap body and easy adaptation to EF glass. They're also using the R and RP as market research tools to see what features to include and leave out of the pro body. Time will tell if this strategy is successful.

  14. Call me crazy (my friends do), but I upgraded from the 70D to this rather than the 6DII. Every piece of gear has its compromises. This gave me a budget path to full frame as well as access to the beautiful RF glass.

  15. Bobby Great review. Having owned EOS R and EOS RP I totally agree with you on jpegs. RP has some of the most pleasing jpegs to my eye, out of many cameras I have owned. Just gorgeous. Definitely more pleasing than jpegs out of R. Another problem is if you use Lightroom, for some odd reason Adobe decided not to provide camera matching profiles for RP raw files. Not clear why. Adobe has it for every other camera but RP. And Adobe own profiles they do offer do not match Canon ones at all. So you pretty much need to shoot jpegs if you use Lightroom. Or use DPP. I don’t shoot jpeg generally but was forced to with RP. The autofocus tracking was similar to R which is not matching modern cameras from Sony Fuji or even Nikon z. But the small size of RP has charm especially if matched with 35 1.8RF which is the lens that should have been a kit for RP.

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