October 27, 2021

3 thoughts on “Canon EOS RP review and real world use experience.

  1. Nice images Michael. Yeah I have the EOS R + RP and love them both – Great A and B cams working together. Helps that we shoot in 25p/50p PAL here in Aust!

  2. Nice video! I got the eos RP and I love it. I got the expansion grip and what a difference it makes. Also for the peak design strap and well worth the upgrade. In my experience, the low light is great and shadow recovery is not even an issue unless you really screw up your exposure. Battery hasn't been an issue and if it does run out, I have an extra one and it's pretty small and light. I have some sample picture on Instagram @bedevere007 I use it for photos and don't care much for video. I've had 6d, 5d mk3, 7dmk2, and Sony A72. So far, this is by far my favorite and 7dmk2 is 2nd. The flip out screen, image, and weight are the real tangible benefits that make the biggest difference to me. Thanks

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