July 7, 2022

Canon EOS RP Mirrorless Camera & RF 24-105mm L Lens Review

Canon EOS RP Mirrorless Camera & RF 24-105mm L Lens Review

What’s in the box?

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Experience the power of full-frame with the small, lightweight, EOS R series mirrorless camera. Boasting a 26.2 Megapixel sensor, exceptional focusing speed and 4K movies along with an intuitive interface, this modern camera is the next generation of image capture. Accepting Canon RF lenses, and all existing EF and EF-S lenses via the adapter.

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10 thoughts on “Canon EOS RP Mirrorless Camera & RF 24-105mm L Lens Review

  1. I just brought back my a7r3 and am getting this camera and lens combo with the 35 1.8 macro for the same price as the a7r3 body alone lol

  2. I now have had the RP set since early April, and love it <3  No RAW photos, just plain, quick and nice detailed/colored JPEGs.  The 4K shortages are of no interest, to me, as my mobile is good enough when someting happens – and it's always with me.
    Thank you for a good and sober review on this fantastic bargain kit !
    To trow in a user tip.  Since the camera has been made record small and light, the battery is same.  Go for two extra batteries in the bag, number them 1,2 & 3, and use/reload in sequence.  That should cover a long photo trip 🙂
    (I'll add the RF 35mm lens by X-mas I think 😉

  3. great combo and cool pics 🙂 I use the rp with the grip and got peak design strap. I use it with Tamron 24-70 F2.8 VC mostly and I love that combo. See some pics at @bedevere007 – https://www.instagram.com/bedevere007/?hl=en

  4. Great Review Dave & fantastic photos. I love the over the shoulder technique, which I haven't seen before ( you'd should copyright it ) and will be trying out later.

  5. Thanks for the review! As far as the jpegs, did you applied any particular setting at the picture style, or just used the default settings?

  6. I have always liked Canon cameras, in my opinion they make cameras that are for specific skills, like this one is mainly for photographers not people who will shoot video, for me that means you will better hone your photography skills. I do agree that Canon has some of the best glass out there, I also think that their cameras have better sharpness & clarity as well. As for color reproduction I do like Panasonic a bit better. Still this camera is a great buy & for the average user I am betting that the video, even in 4K will be fantastic as well.

  7. Great review Dave thanks. The photos look stunning especially when you consider they're jpegs straight out of the camera. You're right about the video shortcomings, I think Canon are targeting stills photographers who just want to dabble occasionally with shooting video. I've had many cameras over the years and I can count the number of times I've actually shot video on both hands, I just have no interest in it. I've had my 7D Mk2 for a few years now and have never used the video facility.
    Whilst this looks like a great camera, I shoot mainly wildlife and so for me full frame is a negative point 🙂 I get better served by a crop sensor to give the 'extra reach' that you achieve.
    As a matter of interest, is it seagulls I can hear in the background?

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